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Easy Advisor

Easy Advisor is a fully automated Expert Advisor that uses martingale. Unprofitable orders are covered by new order with increased volumes. The lot size increases 100 times from the initial to the final value. If the initial lot is Lots_1 = 0.01, then the maximum lot size in a cycle will be equal to 1. The EA uses virtual take profit and stop loss. In case of unsuccessful work, in a single cycle with the initial volume of Lots_1 = 0.01, the loss will be equal to 2000 USD. Increasing the initial volume in Lots_1 causes the loss to increase in multiples: if Lots_1 = 0.1 then the loss will be equal to 20000 USD. The losses of the EA are designed for deposits with the USD currency.

  • The EA has been optimized to work on the EURUSD currency pair.
  • This Expert Advisor uses magic numbers from 100000000 to 140000000, using these numbers for another expert an on the same account with Easy Advisor will disrupt the trading algorithm.
  • Expert Advisor is suitable for all types of accounts and with any type of spread.
  • The number of decimal places in quotes is determined automatically.
  • Recommended timeframe is M5.

Input parameter of Easy Advisor

  • START - enable/disable opening new cycles (orders). If set to true, new cycles will be opened. If false, the no new cycles will be opened, but the running cycles will reach the logical conclusion.
  • Lots_1 - initial lot size.
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Version 1.1 2018.03.29
Performed optimization.