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LiquidityHunter MT5

The strategy is not using any high drawdown methods like martingale or grid, but it uses a relatively large stop loss on each trade (50 pips). It tries to make a few pips in the high volatility chaos around support/resistance levels. The idea is that institutional traders will try to stop out technical traders (reversal and also breakout) leading to a statistically higher volatility at important price levels.

The strategy is mainly designed for EURUSD (H1). USDJPY also works, but with a smaller profit factor. Therefore, I recommend using USDJPY with only 0.5 times the lot size you use for EURUSD. Also, for USDJPY sell orders were better than buy orders because of risk off dynamics.

For live performance please take a look at my signals (the new version with reduced risk only started September 2017). For tick data backtests including execution delay please see the comment section.

You need a broker with low spread (< 0.5 pips on EURUSD if your broker uses additional commissions), good execution and a broker without minimum stop distance for this strategy to work.

The EA will always use chart data from the H1 timeframe no matter what chart you set it to.

Trade on your own risk. I highly recommend not to risk more than 1% of your account per trade.


General Trade Settings

  • magic - individual magic number for the strategy. If zero, it also handles manual trades.
  • pipInPoints - for 5-digit brokers, this should be 10, for 4-digit brokers 1.
  • allowBuy - allow buy orders. For USDJPY sell orders were better.
  • allowSell - allow sell orders.
  • lotType - "fixed" or "increasing", where the lot size is calculated automatically.
  • fixLots - fixed lot size in case lotType = fixed.
  • lotStep - How much the lot size should be increased every equityPerStep (if lotType = increasing).
  • equityPerStep - How much equity is needed for one lot step (if lotType = increasing).

Entry Parameters

  • slippage - maximum allowed slippage.
  • maxOpenPostionsPerDirection=2 - there will always only be one pending order in each direction. But if this value is 2 it will allow to also open a pending order when there is already one filled.
  • entrySensitivity - higher value would lead to more trades, but probably less profitable ones.
  • minSecondsBetweenModify - minimum time interval between modification of pending orders.
  • minMinutesBetweenNewPendings - minimum time interval between opening of pending orders.
  • clearLevelsOnSunday - If true the memory of levels will be cleared every Sunday. This was better in backtest, but it might miss a few trade opportunities.

Exit Parameters

  • stopLoss - maximum stop loss used.
  • takeProfit - take profit for trade exit. But usually the strategy will exit via trailing stop.
  • trailingStop - trailing stop in pips.
  • trailingStart - when to start the trailing stop.
  • trailingStep - step size to modify the stop loss.
  • useIncrementalTrailing - additional stop loss modification.
  • useBreakEven - whether to use breakeven option or not.
  • breakEvenAt - when to set the breakeven stop loss.
  • breakEvenTo - how many pips above/below the entry price the breakeven stop loss should be placed.
  • closeAfterMaxTradeDuration - close after a given trade duration.
  • maxTradeDurationMinutes - maximum duration (if closeAfterMaxTradeDuration=true).
  • closeOnFastReversal - close if the price moves fast against the position.
  • fastPips - Pip move per second (if closeOnFastReversal=true).

Time Settings

  • startHourGMT - when to start trading (GMT).
  • endHourGMT - when to stop trading (GMT).
  • fridayEndHourGMT - when to stop trading (GMT) on Fridays.
  • skipWeekend - whether to skip Saturday and Sunday.
  • closeFilledPositionsOnFriday - whether to close all positions on Friday.
  • fridayCloseHourGMT - when to close open positions (if closeFilledPositionsOnFriday=true).
  • nightStartHourGMT - to define night start time (for minMinutesBetweenNewPendingsNight).
  • nightEndHourGMT - to define night end time.
  • minMinutesBetweenNewPendingsNight - If you decided to also use it during nights, you can increase the minimum time between opening of new pending orders during night time.

Image credit: Yuri_B

Edgar Duttweiler
2018.04.07 12:43 

This EA is really great !!!!!