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The fully automated QScalper Expert Advisor determines the reversal points and opens the specified number of orders in each direction. Each order has a specified level of take-profit and is protected by stop loss.

For best results, ECN accounts with tight spreads and a fast VPS are recommended.

By default, QScalper is configured for use as a night scalper (GMT+2) for the USDCHF currency pair on the M5 timeframe.


  • Minimum drawdown.
  • Minimum deposit - any.
  • does not use high-risk strategies, such as martingale, grid, hedging, etc.
  • Suitable for any currency pairs.
  • Works on any timeframe.
  • Protection against spread expansion when opening an order.
  • Trailing mode.
  • Split mode - closing a profitable order in parts.
  • Money Management system with full risk control.

Input parameters

  • MagicId - unique number of the EA.
  • Timeframe - working timeframe.
  • Start Hour, End Hour - time interval for opening orders.
  • Friday End Hour - time to stop opening orders on Friday.
  • MaxSpread - the maximum allowable spread for opening orders.
  • MaxLot - maximum lot size of one order.
  • LotType - lot selection mode:
    • LotManual - order lot is equal to MainLot.
    • LotRisk - lot is calculated based on the risk level of FactorRisk.
    • LotAuto - lot depends on the account equity and FactorAuto.
  • MainLot - order lot value (for the LotManual mode).
  • FactorRisk - maximum allowable loss per order, % of AccountEquity (works in the LotRisk mode).
  • FactorAuto - AccountEquity per MainLot (works in the LotAuto mode).
  • Orders - the maximum number of orders for each direction.
  • OrderStep - the minimum distance between orders in the same direction.
  • IndValue - value of indicators.
  • AutoTP - enable (true) or disable (false) the automatic calculation of levels for closing orders.
  • TPFactor - coefficient to calculate the levels for closing orders, %.
  • Takeprofit - take profit.
  • Stoploss - stop loss.
  • Virtual - enable (true) or disable (false) virtual stop loss and take profit values.
  • Virt Takeprofit - virtual take profit.
  • Virt Stoploss - virtual stop loss.
  • Trailing - enable (true) or disable (false) the trailing stop function (if Orders=1).
  • TrailStart - distance from the order opening price to activate trailing stop.
  • TrailStop - the maximum distance from the price to the stop loss level in trailing stop.
  • Split - enable (true) or disable (false) the Split mode - partial closure of orders in the amount of SplitLot every SplitStep units (if Orders=1).
  • SplitStart - distance from the order open price to activate the Split mode.
  • SplitStep - step of the Split mode.
  • SplitLot - percentage of the remaining order volume closed at each step.
  • VirtFont - font size of the levels in the Virtual mode.
  • VirtColorUp - color of the buy order levels in the Virtual mode.
  • VirtColorDn - color of the sell order levels in the Virtual mode.
Grigor Borislavov
Grigor Borislavov 2018.05.17 19:06 

I have a problem with this robot when working with other robots on a platform and even on VPS !

The computer crashes / VPS throws me out, no settings can be made when robots work. This is a compatibility issue.

jarednoynay 2018.04.18 14:22 

Very safe EA. I backtested GBPUSD back to 2000 on fixed 0.1 lot and max DD is ~$500 even if time frame is extended to 1800-0600. Big DD on EURUSD backtest. $26 on first day of GBPUSD using real acct at 0.1 fixed lot. Will update with more backtest pairs and live acct results.

Patience my friends, patience.

RK99 2018.03.17 14:25 

After using the free version, i've purchased the full version because the free version had proven that it really makes money. This is one of the safest, stable and profitable midnight scalping ea, what you need to make this ea work is to be patience all the time. The author is helpful and polite, he is always around to help.

Version 2.0 2018.03.08
Added virtual stop loss and take profit
Added the minimum distance between orders in the same direction