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Balance Recovery GG

The Balance Recovery GG Expert Advisor trades using a hedging strategy. The strategy involves covering of losing orders by larger opposite orders. If an order is in loss, and its loss exceeds the preset number of points, an opposite order of a higher lot is opened. Further, if the situation repeats, another order is opened. The distance between orders changes in accordance with the specified step, depending on the total number of orders. Profit is fixed by a common trailing stop in the deposit currency. Lot can be increased by different methods depending on selected settings.

Operation Instructions

  1. VPS is recommended for a proper operation of the EA.
  2. Use a broker offering five-digit quotes.
  3. Do not run on more than five pairs in one terminal.

Adjustable Parameters

  • NameExpert - name of the Expert Advisor;
  • Activate - enable or disable trading;
  • DateStop - Expert Advisor stop time;
  • Magic - the identifier of EA's trades;
  • FirstOpen - the first order to start trading, either Buy or Sell;
  • NewOpen - the first order to re-start trading, Buy or Sell;
  • FirstDistance - the initial distance between orders;
  • StepDistance - increment for the distance between orders;
  • OrderForStepDistance - the order starting with which the distance between orders will be incremented;
  • Lots - initial lot;
  • AveragingMode - lot increase modes;
  • Averaging - lot multiplier;
  • TrailingStart - trailing start in the deposit currency;
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop in the deposit currency;
  • TrailingStep - trailing step in the deposit currency;
  • PercentLoss - loss percent of deposit to close all orders;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • ShowComment - show/hide comment;
  • UseSound - use a sound signal;
  • SoundFileName - sound file name;
  • colorOpenBuy - Buy order opening color;
  • colorOpenSell - Sell order opening color;
  • colorClose - order closure color;
  • colorDelete - order deletion color.
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