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Assistant for those who keep statistics and observe risks. This utility will help to regulate your losses as you wish. Regardless of the StopLoss level, your losses will be fixed. In order to fix the losses, enter the maximum desired loss in the Advisor's settings. Trade the usual buttons for you "Buy" and "Sell". When you click on one of the buttons to appear StopLoss, move it to the desired place in accordance with your trading system and click on the "OK" button appeared instead of the button "Buy", to open the transaction. With pending orders in the same way. And do not worry now that StopLoss is "big" because the losses are now fixed, the program automatically calculated the volume of the transaction in accordance with your StopLoss and put it on the place where the line was. In addition, you can adjust your maximum loss by using the "100%", "50%", "25%", "10%" buttons. That is, if the maximum loss is indicated in the settings of $ 100 and you clicked the "50%" button, 50 $. You can regulate losses as you want depending on your MoneyManagement rules. In addition, the utility contains an informer of your profit in the number of points and in the deposit currency, and also shows the current spread. Observe the risks.

Advantages of the utility

  • Excellent risk management
  • You do not need to calculate the lot yourself
  • The risk is always the one you specify regardless of the StopLoss value
  • The ability to control the risk of pending orders


  • Buttons in the foreground (chartPlan): 1-yes, 0-no
  • Settlement type (setMM): 1-Calculation in the deposit currency, 2-Calculation as a percentage of the deposit, 3-Fixed lot
  • Currency/Interest/Lot(money): The digital value of the maximum loss in currency, percent or fixed lot
  • Indent in indentation (indentation): Indent in stop pips from the price from the moment of appearance (indicate in figures)
  • The color of the Buy button (btBuy) - select any color
  • Color of button Sell (btSell) - choose any color
  • Color of other buttons (btOther) - choose any color
  • Color of the StopLoss line (stopColor) - choose any color
  • Color limit orders (limitColor) - choose any color
  • On Spread-informer (infospread): Enabling spread and profit informer (y-yes, n-No)
  • Position(position): Position of the informer (r_u-upper right corner, r_l-lower right corner, l_u-left upper corner, l_l-left lower cen-following the price)
  • Show profit in points (profitPips): Whether to show profit in points (y-yes, n-No)
  • Show Profit in Money (profitMoney): Whether to show the profit in the deposit currency (y-yes, n-No)
  • Pips in point (pipsIN): For more correct display of items (n1-1point = 1pips, n10-10pips = 1point, n100-100pips = 1point)
  • Delimiter(delimiter): delimiter between information (specify any desired)
  • Text color (clrZero): text color when there are no transactions (choose any color)
  • Color profit (clrProfit): color when the profit is more than 0 (choose any color)
  • Loss color (clrLoss): color when the profit is less than 0 (choose any color)
  • Text font (font): specify any desired text

If you bought the product and or have any questions, write me a personal message. Support will be provided.

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