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TP Trade Manager DEMO

PLEASE NOTE: The free demo version is limited to managing NZDCHF trades ONLY (for trial purposes). It also has only 2 trigger levels instead of the normal 20 levels (available in the full version) .

What is TP Trade Manager?

TP Trade Manager is a fully customisable, advanced staggered trailing stop containing 20 levels based on percentage (not volatility). It is aimed at retaining a percentage (set by you) of the maximum pips reached during the lifetime of each trade.

What can TP Trade Manager can do for your trading?

  • Ensure that a winning trade never turns in to a losing trade (if desired).
  • Ensure that you keep a large percentage of huge spikes (whereas volatility based stop losses are designed to MISS spikes).
  • Attempt to mitigate your loss-making trades.
  • Tighten your stop loss as your trade progresses (i.e. the more pips your trade earns the higher % of it you will keep).


  • 20 levels of percentage based hidden stop losses. (only available in the full version)
  • Fully adjustable to any trading style.
  • Optional Non-hidden stop loss that follows the hidden stop loss, but controlled by pip step (so as not to upset your broker).
  • Hidden take profit (simply set one of your percent parameters to 100%).
  • Breakeven (simply set a very small percentage at the first % level)
  • Multi Time Frame. As the stop loss is calculated on percent profit you can switch chart time frame without affecting your trade.
  • Multi-Currency. Attach TP Trade Manager to just one chart in order for it to manage all of your manually opened and/or EA opened trades across multiple currencies. OR have multiple TP Trade Manager's with each one set to a single currency pair. (only available in the full version)
  • Magic Number. By default this is set to "0" in order to manage your manually opened trades. But you can change this to “-1” in order to manage ALL of your trades (both EA and manually opened trades). Or change it to the magic number of your own EA in order to manage all trades that have been opened by your EA only.

So how does it work? Here is an example using the default settings:

  • Over 5 pips = Keep 25%
  • Over 10 pips = Keep 30%
  • Over 20 pips = Keep 40%
  • Over 25 pips = Keep 50%
  • Over 30 pips = Keep 52%
  • Over 40 pips = Keep 54%
  • Over 50 pips = Keep 55%
  • Over 60 pips = Keep 56%
  • Etc.

Input Parameters List

  • Pairs - Set single or multiple currency pairs to manage (e.g. "EURUSD" or "EURUSD,EURCAD").
  • MagicNumber
    • -1 = Manage ALL trades (both manually opened trades & those opened via EA).
    • 0 = Manage ONLY manually opened trades.
    • Any other number = ONLY manage trades opened using the EA that has this MagicNumber.
  • NumberofRetry - Number of times TM will attempt to select an open trade before moving on to the next open trade (in case of error).
  • UseMoveStopLoss - Physically move the stop loss using an OrderModify command. Set this to False to use a hidden stop loss ONLY.
  • TrailingStep - Used when UseMoveStopLoss is set to True. This controls how often the physical stop loss is updated (in points).
  • TS1TriggerPts - Over 50 points (5 pips).
  • TS1RetainPct - Keep 25%
  • TS2TriggerPts - Over 250 points (25 pips).
  • TS2RetainPct - Keep 75%
  • (20 levels in the full version).
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