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FX Exploit NewsTrader

FX Exploit NewsTrader is a new product in the FX Exploit series. Using the capabilities and experience with the FX Exploit indicator, we have developed this semi-automatic Expert Advisor for news trading.

Advantages over "classic" experts for news trading

  • Does not use real or virtual pending orders - no orders are falsely triggered by a wide spread or spikes during news releases.
  • Built-in spread filter. Plus, protection against a wide spread during news releases with very high volatility - the EA will shut down to protect from losses.
  • Plus, protection against a wide spread during news releases with very high volatility - the EA will shut down to protect from losses.
  • There is no need to predict the pair to use for news trading, simply use the EA for the currency that will have news releases. For example, news on GBP, USD or CAD. The EA will open a basket or orders for the pairs with the common currency, where high activity is detected.
  • You can open charts of the traded pairs with a click of a button and you can manage positions from the trading panel.
  • It is possible to close the basket of orders by the total profit/loss in the deposit currency, and also to set stop loss or take profit for each position.
  • It is possible to open reverse deals with one button when there is a rollback during a news release.

How to use this EA

  1. Find the news release to trade in the economic calendar.
  2. In the EA settings, find the name of the Currency with the news release.
  3. In the parameters, manually set the new release time according to the terminal time, using the News Start Hour and News Start Minute parameters - hour and minute of the news release.
  4. Manually set the tracking interval in minutes in the News Interval parameter. The EA will monitor the market after the news release during this interval.
  5. By default, the EA trades a basket of orders (1-7 pairs), the number of pairs in a basket is limited by the Pairs Trading parameter.
  6. Set the spread filter. If the spread of a pair exceeds this value, the order will not be opened. However, if the spread becomes less than this value and a signal for opening an order is received during this interval, the order will be opened.
  7. Set the total profit/loss or position holding time in minutes (to close the orders). Or you can manage the open positions manually using the trade panel.

By default, the maximum protective spread filter for all pairs is 150 points. This setting protects against losses due to a high spread during the highly volatile news releases. If the spread of all 7 pairs exceeds this value during the news release, the EA will turn off with a warning.

The spread filter is set as for five-digit quotes.

When everything is set up, the EA will monitor the market during the specified interval. When the conditions for opening orders are met, the EA opens them automatically according to the FX Exploit indicator.


  • Currency - select the currency.
  • Symbols prefix - symbol prefix.
  • Symbols suffix - symbol suffix.
  • Refresh data - refresh rate.
  • TradeLevel - signal level.
  • DisplayLevel - signal level for display.
  • News Start Hour - news start hour.
  • News Start Minute - news start minute.
  • News Interval tracking - interval in minutes.
  • Magic - identifier.
  • Lot - lot size.
  • Filter spread - spread filter.
  • Filter high spread - protective spread filter.
  • Pairs Trading, count - the number of pairs to trade.
  • Set SL/TP at opening - set SL/TP immediately.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss.
  • Take Profit - take profit.
  • Use Total ProfitLoss - use closure by total profit/loss.
  • Total Take Profit - total take profit in the deposit currency.
  • Total Stop Loss - total stop loss in the deposit currency.
  • x axis - X coordinate of the panel.
  • y axis - Y coordinate of the panel.
  • Button Font Size - font size of the buttons.
  • Currency Font Size - font size of the currency.
  • Values Font Size - font size of the levels.
  • Show Currency Name - display the name of the currency (true/false).
  • Alerts - display messages when opening orders.
  • Notifications - send push notifications to a mobile device.
Before using on a real account, try out the EA features on a demo account.

A demo version with certain limitations is available.

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Version 1.2 - 2018.03.06
[+] Added a button to reset the global parameters of the EA - Reset EA.
[+] Added the "R" button for opening reverse positions, opposite to the ones closed by the total loss or closed manually.
[-] Removed closure of the orders basket by time.
[*] Improved the logic of position management.
[*] Fixed minor bugs.