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Shmendridge C7 Channel Breaks


  • Simultaneous Multi-Signals, Multi-Symbols and Multi-Time Frames
  • Extraordinarily robust (wide range of settings produces positive results over long testing periods during optimizations and across different broker feeds and time frames).
  • Built in anti-curve fitting features for extremely robust optimizations. (Time Dilation testing, Monte Carlo testing, Jiggle testing and Cross Market testing)
  • No martingale or other suspicious/dangerous MM.
  • No suspicious open trade draw-downs. Standard broker stop-loss placed on all orders.
  • No hard-coded tricks to fit past data.
  • No worries of order delays, this EA is a non scalper and uses stop entries only.
  • Settings working across multiple time frames nicely.
  • Set your own risk to reward.
  • Very simple and safe money management.
  • This EA is a powerful tool that will probably live forever in your trading arsenal.
  • Less than 1/3rd of the price of other incredible EA's.


This EA is a Multi-Time Frame, Multi-Symbol, Multi-Signal robot which plays Donchian Channel breakouts, Ichimoku crosses, Keltner Channel breakouts and Trend-line breakouts. It has unique ways of calculating channels width, entry, SL and TP and adapting to volatility. The trailing SL utilizes "big round numbers" as protection from premature stop outs. The built in anti-curve fitting features yield a high correlation between the resulting in sample back test and the out of sample forward test on many markets and time frames.

I will be using this EA on my own live account but I do not have much initial capital, so I will sell some copies of this to give my trading account a little boost.

Check the comments for more screenshots, settings, reports and live account results.

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EA75 for Volatility Index
Austin Omonyo
LAUNCH PROMO!!! FULL LICENSE @ $169 (Limited Edition) EA75 is designated for vix 75(Volatility Index 75). It has been tested and optimized for this symbol. You can explore its capability on other markets as you wish. The strategy was carefully selected to determine perfect trends with a combination of low drawdown risk management strategies to come up with this solid proof software merit in these markets. This software is specifically designed for Vix75 M30 and H1. To test for other Symbols j
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Time period Recommend H1 The risk of trading I recommend a lot of 0.01 per 1000 unit of Deposit. Aggressive lot from 0.01-0.1 per 1000 Deposit unit. Currency pair I trade on EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP and other pairs of popular. You can use any that you are suitable for testing. All parameters of the expert Advisor set by default are approximate!  I advise you to optimize the parameters for each pair separately! Characteristic TIME_FRAME   - Working time indicators USING  - Select whether to t
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TSO Price Channel MT5
Dionisis Nikolopoulos
TSO Price Channel is complete trading strategy focused on creating profit from market volatility. The system takes advantage of the intrinsic tendency of the market to reach its periodic maximum and minimum levels. By allowing the use of multiple instruments, the exposure of the system to any single instrument is reduced. Complete strategy including fully integrated positive and negative management. Works on any instrument. No pending orders placed. Any account size - $1,000+ is recommended. B
1 750 USD
EURUSD 1min scalper
Catalin Adelin Iovan
Features An amazing scalper created for EURUSD 1 min time frame. Compared to the 5 min version https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/54412#!tab=overview , this one is a higher risk/ reward . Just like the 5 min version, this one needed more than 500h of optimization . It was made in mind for IC markets MQL5 platform, an adapted for their data, but I suppose it must works on other brookers as well. I will also publish soon the MT4 version for IC markets as well. Description Strategy is made
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Yan Haeffner
This is an expert that uses MACD and Bollinger Bands as the main recipe of an operation. The main objective of this algorithm is to recognize good price movement reversal zones. Signals:   Bollinger Bands:  occurs when price reaches/passes a certain distance between the mid-band and the external band.   MACD:  Histogram above Signal Line, and both are positive, Sell signal. Histogram below Signal Line and both are negative, Buy signal.  Confirmation Signal:  can be either Bollinger or MACD sig
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Hamster Scalping mt5
Ramil Minniakhmetov
Hamster Scalping is a fully automated Expert Advisor with no use of martingale. Night scalping strategy. The RSI indicator and an ATR-based filter are used for entries. The advisor needs a hedging account type Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mechanic/seller General Recommendations The minimum deposit is $100, use an ECN account with the minimum spread,  default settings reccomend for eurusd m5 gmt +3 .  Skype is  here . Te
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Mikhail Sergeev
DevilFish  is a fully automatic, multi-currency trading system. Trading is based on explosions of price activity. Big profits, low drawdowns and good hedging results. Minimum Deposit: $ 150. No configuration required. Accounts: Netting, Hedging. Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, USDJPY. It works on hourly bars and is not demanding on the quality of the Internet connection.  Works in the strategy tester in the "open prices only" mode. Does not use the super short tra
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Vroc Scalper
Michele Catanzaro
Vroc_Scalper Expert advisor trend follower based on the indicator of the same name. It work on any currency pairs,but performs on EURUSD M5 . The EA uses Take Profit and Stop Loss. Stop Loss is intended in deposit currency not in pips. Average positions are opened when the market goes in the opposite direction but all closed at the maximum loss entered or take profit hit. Default setting are optimized by "Forward Test" from 2014 to 2020 and has the right compromise between initial lot and max lo
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Blazar MT5
Vsevolod Gorkovtsov
Blazar is a fully automated trading system on the most popular major currency pairs: EURUSD , GBPUSD , USDJPY M5 . It's pure Price Action mean reversal system that exploits peakedness of market distribution to safely identify trend reversals Every trade is protected by Stop-Loss The EA can work in 2 modes : Normal Mode - trading classics: 1 signal = 1 trade. No martingale , grid or hedging is used Recovery Mode - the EA will recover faster during drawdowns using several averaging trades, whic
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TS Trade
Carlos Reis Dos Santos
DESCRIÇÃO O TS Trade é um robô desenvolvido por profissionais com longa experiência no Mercado Financeiro. É baseado em algoritmos de negociação avançados. Tem como principal característica uma gestão de risco rigorosa. É perfeito para quem busca uma ferramenta eficaz para automatizar suas negociações. Instale o Robô e deixe que ele faça todo o trabalho por você. MÉTODO O TS Trade utiliza um algoritmo o qual possibilita identificar uma tendência do mercado a partir da movimentação de duas méd
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P S Technical Tradingbot
Trader-09 Schumacher
The underlying P.S.-Technical Trading bot is a computer program written in the MQL5 language. The P.S.-Technical Trading bot is a fully automated trading robot based on the two developed technical indicators, ADX and Parabolic SAR, developed by technical analyst Welles Wilder Jr. If you want to learn more about this, I recommend the book "New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems" which was published in 1978. In addition, the trading bot eliminates all too understandable emotions during
1 000 USD
Stormer RSI 2
Ricardo Rodrigues Lucca
This strategy was learned from Stormer to be used on B3. Basically, 15 minutes before closing the market, it will check RSI and decided if it will open an position. This strategy do not define a stop loss. If the take profit reach the entry price it will close at market the position. The same happens if the maximal number of days is reached. It is created to brazilian people, so all configuration are in portuguese. Sorry Activations allowed have been set to 50.
99 USD
Steady MT5
Andrey Barinov
"Steady" is a 100% adaptive expert advisor based on price movement. It has a built-in unique Smart Recovery algorithm. Only one trade at a time. Every trade has Stop Loss and Take Profit from very beginning, and they do not change. This is for those, who are looking for steady and stable growth over the long run. Take advantage of the discounted promo price.     Price will be increased up to $999 on December 1-st "Steady" for MetaTrader4 is here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/56239
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Happy Monday MT5
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Happy Monday is a fully automated trading system on the most popular major currency pair . It uses price action and certain seasonality weekly patterns to safely identify point of entry at the very beginning of the week. MT4 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38828 Every trade is protected by Stop-Loss The EA can work in 3 modes : Strategy А (Best Entries Only) - relatively rare trading, but quality of the average trade is at it's maximum.  No martingale , grid or hedging is use
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Denis Nikolaev
Scalper MultiCharts MT5 Lite is a fully automatic multi-currency trading system for night scalping. Financial instruments - any on which the expert Advisor shows high profit in the tester. Timeframe - M15. The expert Advisor must be installed in the window of the financial pair allowed for trading. Peculiar properties -Advisor does not use risky techniques -The EA uses the minimum number of input parameters available for understanding -The EA sets a fixed stop loss and take profit for all o
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OnePiece MT5
Daqiang Wei
 ****************************************************** SIGNAL: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/586055 this is an Arbitrage system which base on EURUSD EURGBP GBPUSD  you need a smallest spread and lowest ping account like ECN. I run it on icmarket and tester in icmarket history data run it on any chart then it will trade on EURUSD EURGBP GBPUSD  when sign has checked  ****************************************************** attention:it is cannot run on GBPUSD M30 chart.  
1 000 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
The Expert Advisor works with ticks on both netting and hedging account types. The internal algorithm uses a tick (not a bar) as a unit for analysis. The product works with 5-digit quotes. Requotes are critical. A broker with the minimum execution delay is required. A bot differs from its predecessor in that it uses two cores for analyzing tick data, information from two cores is checked and if it coincides only then a decision is made to generate a signal. A bot differs from its predecessor in
574 USD
Fundamental Gold MT5
MT4 Version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/48667 Simple but powerful strategies designed for longterm Profit with low risk. Old-school trading with simple ideas primarily based on events, seasonality and fundamental effects. Each trade will be placed in a favorable market situation according to the strategies. Stop-Loss and Take-Profit will be set to secure the position. The position will be closed if the favorable situation is over. This EA will never hold more than one positio
KT COG Robot MT5
KT COG Robot is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on the   KT COG Indicator . The COG indicator was originally presented by John F. Ehlers in the May 2002 edition of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine. The EA fires a long trade when COG line cross above the signal line and a short trade is fired when the COG line cross below the signal line.  Adaptive Filtration Our adaptive filtration algorithm combines the original COG formula with the major trend direction and market
60 USD
UpdatedRSI EA
Sergey Seriy
The Expert Advisor recommended for trade on EUS/USD M5. It is based on free indicator "UpdatedRSI". The robot calculates the market entry/exit points based on signals from indicator "UpdatedRSI". The trading volume for opening a position depends on results of previous trades. It is possible to limit the amount of risk (the AutoMM parameter). It uses an efficient trailing, which automatically adjusts the take profit and stop loss parameters to minimize losses. It is also possible to set the maxi
GoldenBot MT5
BLACK FRIDAY PROMO: ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 20 LEFT AT $399! After that price will return to:        $499 GoldenBot is a diversified portfolio of various systems trading gold. Most gold trading systems you encounter are either pure trend ones or counter-trend ones. So they are only good at certain market phases. GoldenBot includes a number of trend and counter-trend systems making it to perform good during any market phase. System effectiveness is proven by live results (see below at Telegram chan
399 USD
Grid Machine MT5
Ivan Grachev
EA finds the largest volume in the market and determines the level for entry. After crossing the level towards the breakdown, a market order is opened. The EA builds a two-sided grid of orders, adapting to the market. Each direction of orders works separately and has its own take-profit. Thus, the adviser covers the whole trend, starting from its start, while the adviser perfectly passes the flat market condition, trading both directions. Please see all my products:  https://www.mql5.com/en/user
Yellow mouse scalping MT5
Vasiliy Kolesov
Yellow mouse scalping   Yellow mouse scalping   is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for trading at night in a calm market. The strategy is night scalping. To find entry points, standard RSI and ATR indicators are used. The closing of transactions takes place according to the author's algorithm, which significantly improves the ability to control risks and security of the deposit. Thanks to a wide range of settings, each user can choose an acceptable risk / reward ratio. Risky martingale
399 USD
Level Trend EA MT5
Evgenii Aksenov
Buy this EA gives you the right to get the second EA for free:     https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/740436 Only 10 copies for $63 (next price --> $98  --> $199) The EA uses the signals of Level Trend Indicator:     https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/56589 Balanced mathematical system, Drawdown Reduce algorithm, higher period filters of Level Trend Indicator and candle control filter make this EA unique Multitrading panel allows trading in auto and manual mode. However, each trade opened
63 USD
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Sergej Sergienko
The Expert Advisor's work is based on the use of Candle Patterns and Levels. Indicators are not used in operation. The EA uses Take Profit and Stop Loss. Averaging and Martingale are not used. PriceActionBot is optimized to work with the EURUSD pair. You also have the options to optimize the program. The advisor has been showing stable performance for over 20 years. There is monitoring of this advisor. The Expert Advisor works on hedge accounts. Working Timeframe 15 minutes. But the EA
1 200 USD
Big Bang MT5
Andrey Barinov
Big Bang is a 100% adaptive expert advisor based on price movement and Support and Resistance levels. It is a combination of simple settings and powerful trading techniques. Version for MetaTrader4 is here:  https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/48020 Note #1. Max bars in chart setting in your MetaTrader MUST be set to UNLIMITED => Check screenshots section. Big Bang needs at least 1 year of M1 data. Please, make sure that you have that loaded in your History Center. Note #2.  If test
1 999 USD
SFE Stock Market
Joel Juanpere
This EA trade with CFDs of Stocks. The EA can be used in any stock market, by default, the EA is configured with symbols of the US Stock Market. The minimal balance recommended is 3.000 USD. Live Signal :    https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/692635 Backtest and Live Setup: please, look the video or go to the webpage for more information. The default parameters works with ICMarkets.  The names of the symbols can change in each broker, and each broker can have different CFDs. Please, contact me for
1 500 USD
NorthEastWay MT5
BLACK FRIDAY!  Only 10 copies of NorthEastWay EA priced at $799!!! Sales start at 00:00 am on November 27. North East Way EA  it is a fully automated “rollback” trading system, which is especially effective in trading on popular “rollback” currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. The system uses the main patterns of the Forex market in trading - the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction. Timeframe: M15 Currencies: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD LIVE Signals: North East Way   Fas
799 USD
Vladimir Khlystov
The expert Advisor does not require configuration and optimization of parameters. At the same time, the expert Advisor trades on 20 currency pairs. The trading principle is hedging (insurance of transactions). Thanks to this principle, the EA does not enter large drawdowns. The regulation of profitability is achieved through changes in the lot. The minimum recommended Deposit is from 500 usd with a lot of 0.01. At the same time, the expected profit will be 7-15% per month. You can leave the oth
1 200 USD
Bober Lannister MT5
Arnold Bobrinskiy
You  probably will not find millions profit in tester at  first look but you can get very good forward test results. It's much better to pay a bit more  for Ea which will cover it's cost and brings you income in the future. Don't waste your time and money on cheap and dangerous EAs without money management. Get Bober Lannister MT5 and new level of happiness. Bober Lannister  - is fully automated crossplatform (mt5/mt4) EA which was developed as a night scalper. However after numerous resear
1 200 USD
SFE Gold Fever MT5
Joel Juanpere
The system place the trades based on the trend. Is adequate for symbols which usually moves in strong trends, or any symbol which has enter in a trend period. For this reason, works very well with XAUUSD (GOLD/USD), because this symbol tend to move in strong mid/long term trends ( like Bitcoin)   and as is an uptrend in the long term, use the system only in the long side, can boost the performance. The objective of the system is over perform the performance of a symbol in trend, in the long
750 USD
SFE Bitcoin
Joel Juanpere
The EA use several systems focused on the Bitcoin / USD symbol. Any doubt or more information, you are invited you to join to the telegram group of the sfe users community. Telegram Community Group:   https://t.me/sfecommunity Signal https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/835278 Live setup The EA is very easy to setup, and can be used with the default parameters. Only parameters related with the GMT of the broker and the size of the orders must be checked. The EA must be attached to ONLY one Bit
750 USD
Kernel Scalping
Oleksii Ferbei
The overwhelming majority of participants in the Forex currency market are unacceptable "boring" trading and want to get an active system of Forex earnings. The solution to this particular problem was our new exchange expert - Kernel Scalping. An Expert Advisor who implemented all the best trading algorithms from scalping and pipsing: filtering transactions using the Gunn and Elder methods from various time intervals when trading price impulse patterns from the minute chart of the tool. Kernel
770 USD
Forex Billionaire Trader
Aleksei Krasov
HEDGING TRADING SYSTEM EURUSD. Any timeframe $ 10000 to $ 1.5 billion. Backtest for 20 years. Forex Billionaire Trader++ - это уникальная торговая система, в основе которой лежит метод машинного обучения.  Процесс торговли: По наступлении определенного времени робот открывает сделку, в соответствии с внутренним алгоритмом, построенном на нейронной сети. Когда сделка открыта, робот может закрыть ее, используя трейлинг-стоп или же хеджировать, чтобы избежать потерь. Благодаря такому подходу сов
799 USD
To The Moon EA MT5
LAUNCH PROMO: ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $599! Next price:        $699 Price will be kept high to limit number of users for this strategy To The Moon comprises the best out of   trend trading  applied to   bitcoin . As many people know   crypto markets   are much   less efficient   than traditional markets like Forex. It means they are easier to make profit on. They are also trend markets. Using high-quality trend systems as this one is the best possible way to leverage opportunities given
599 USD
Stock Trader Pro MT5
Ivan Pochta
Stock Trader Pro v.1.1 Launch Promo 5 / 5 additional copies by price $750 Next Price $990 Normal Price $1250 Stock Trader Pro   is a fully automated trading advisor designed to work in the   Stock Markets , in particular, to trade shares of the largest companies in the   US Stock Market . The system is based on the author’s trading strategy. Unlike Forex systems,   Stock Trader Pro     opens only LONG positions on the global trend on price pullbacks (corrections), analyzing data from several ti
750 USD
Antonio Renteria Arce
The best forex System No martingale No hedge  Deep market study 14 years test in ten pairs 3y of walkforward optimization High profitfactor + High K Ratio Usable whit HIGH SPREADS, HIGH COMMISION   Tolerance to requotes or Slippage Place the robot in M10 EURUSD  PLACE SYMBOLS: EURUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURAUD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, GBPAUD, AUDUSD, AUDJPY, USDJPY whatever they are called in your broker and run! Choose your risk per operation Signal :  mql5.com/en/signals/857
1 500 USD
IRB Scalper Pro
Ahmed Alaoui Chrifi
The strategy: EA strategy is inspired from a profitable strategy of Mr Rob Hoffman (One of the best traders in the world with multiple prizes on manual trading) . 1.Entry: The EA search for IRB bars (Inventory retracement bar), and place sell pending order or buy pending order according to the trend confirmed by the calculation of a 20 EMA slope degree. We believe that most of IRB Bar are caused by huge institutions (Hedge funds …), so the idea is to take benefits from their very profitable robo
999 USD
Dsc Price Action EurUsd M5 Hedge Full
Diogo Sawitzki Cansi
To run the backtest correctly, download the set's on our drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yFz4tJbJwl71_T3YU7f8fqHBoq0aYMsi?usp=sharing The expert DSC PRICE ACTION EURUSD was created for the EURUSD asset in the M5 time under Hedge account. It´s a Expert to leverage the account quickly. It is a high hit rate and with that wen take advantahe of Forex leverage to multiply capital. To use the Expert correctly, type diogo.cansi in the settings as shown in the second image below. We recom
999 USD
Crash And Boom MT5
Abubakar Saidu
An algorithm to detect a spike instantly with zero lag.. Use default settings for "Crash And Boom" This smart algorithm detects a spike, which can be use to filter out market spikes, give entry signals with exit. Monitor Signal Here:- https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/797536 Boom 1000 Set Crash 1000 Set Pure Martingale Sets https://c.mql5.com/31/489/Crash_mart.set Monitor Martingale trades:-  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/800197 Trading:-  Booming for Boom and Crashing for Crash Spike Signa
2 500 USD
New Smarthedge
Vladimir Khlystov
The EA has the same trading principle as   SMARTHEDGE . We trade simultaneously on drum instruments with high correlation. Transactions made on one instrument compensate for the drawdown of transactions on the other instrument. Thus, we can trade fairly large volumes with relatively low risk. The principle of operation is clearly visible in the video below. In this expert Advisor, I tried to simplify the settings as much as possible, but left all the main functions from the early development.
1 200 USD
Step Index Scalper
Step Index Scalper is based  over my own strategy a lot so I won’t go over it all again. But within my Price Action strategy you have access to some different strategies and styles of trading that are better suited to traders that have limited time.  Step Index Scalper is one of the EA so the market since it was fully developed only for Step Index Scalper . download and enjoy. SL and TP virtual. 2% risk Every Trade Telegram : t.me/eAfuture Admin : t.me/Futurific Whatsapp : +639489273888
700 USD
Serqey Nikitin
This trend-following conservative Expert Advisor works on EURUSD, M5. It open position according to signal of trading sytem in trend direction and closes position according to signal of trade system or Take Profit/Stop Loss. Important note for its use on real accounts: To avoid the end of the trend case (when loss is possible), you need to set it on demo-account, wait for the first profitable deals and set it on real account. Входные параметры: Stop Loss Take Profit Max Lots
750 USD
Denis Nikonov
The project is based on macroeconomic statistics and critical data. The basis of the data come from all the crises which are known to history. Description of input parameters: TakeProfit - the size of the Take Profit on a pair; StopLoss - the size of the Stop Loss on a pair Lot - lot size for a constant lot; Crisis_1825 = true - the specifications of the crisis in 1825; Crisis_1836 = true - the specifications of the crisis in 1836 etc. Recommended settings: Pair: AUDUSD; Deposit: $ 2,000; Lot: 0
1 000 USD
Dimitar Manov
The Expert Advisor is building two virtual 3d spiral (helical lines) and is trading on them. The first line of the axis moves in the path of the second line. After each crossing of the price with spirals,the EA opens order depending on the direction of the spiral. The target is the average price of position to be closest to the axis of the second helix. Classic grid EA, which buy cheaper and sell more expensive, but remodeled so that if there is a trend, 50% of price movement to follow the trend
625 USD
John Chu
This Expert Advisor participates in the Automated Trading Championship 2012 (quantatrading). It runs on the EURUSD 15-minute chart. It follows strong trends. Settings Description varLots=2.00000000 The default setting for varLots is very aggressive resulting in a potential about 30% drawdown. To minimize drawdown, adjust varLots to 1 or lower. When setting the value to 1, the drawdown is reduced to about 15%. varStopLossPips=15 This setting controls the Stop Loss in pips for every trade. varTake
2 000 USD
Condor 4x multicurrency EA for upto 13 symbols
Panagiotis Karagiorgis
The Condor-4x Expert Advisor "Condor 4x" constantly increases or decreases the volume being traded at any time, depending on the distance of the quoted price from a pivot one (which keeps approaching - in tiny steps - the quoted price, whenever the latter has already moved towards the pivot, enough for a reasonable reduction of the traded volume to be decided). As by its default parameter values, "Condor 4x" carries out hundreds of multi-currency trades monthly (more on bigger accounts). It inco
600 USD
Lev Ilyukov
General Description The strategy is primarily intended for mid-term investing starting from half a year. This is not an Expert Advisor that would make 100% profitable deals five pips each during a month or two and then lose the entire deposit in a few days due to high risk. Expected profit is 100% a year without reinvesting when using 0.01 lots per $1000 of the balance. Important: the Expert Advisor analyzes the price "as is" and uses time analysis for making decisions. Different brokers use dif
30 000 USD
Moment Catcher
Sotirios Karkalakos
The  Moment Catcher  Expert Advisor works on most currency pairs and it generates massive profits. It has various parameters (lot size - fixed or relative to the Equity, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, Trailing Stop, Reverse Orders and thresholds like minimum balance and equity variables), and it is not bound to a specific timeframe. It uses a unique technology to identify small trends and get profit on trend and non-trend markets. You can decrease the lot size (e.g. FixedLot = 0.01 for a real
3 000 USD
Flet scalper
Dmitiry Ananiev
Tick channel scalper for flat markets or for markets with frequent pullbacks. The robot is set to EURAUD. Brokers with minimal spreads and commissions are recommended. For example Rannforex.com or ICMarkets.com The EA has a unique algorithm that works on ticks and does not depend on the timeframe. Opening hours are configurable. Trading is possible both at any time period and around the clock. File for optimisations and test on Tester  include in my blog   -  https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/
1 250 USD
High Frequency Scalper Trading Series 1
Amit Suryakant Jamuda
This is a High Frequency Scalper Trading System. The faster the computer and the Internet connection, the better it works. It also needs a good broker who does not put to many limits to orders and trades. A good broker should be used. Please click on the link to check the EA performance - https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/8968 . The settings that I found profitable are as follows: PerTradeVolume - volume per order (set it as per risk level). Please note the EA does not place any pending orders, it
30 000 USD
Bobra Adept
Arnold Bobrinskiy
This is a half scalping system that analyzes the market using a transmission function. The system can be scalping or not depending on the "takeprofit" and "stoploss" parameters. This Expert Advisor is intended for trading on EURUSD,GBPUSD,EURCHF,EURAUD however it can work on other currency pairs. You should use timeframe M1 for trading. Parameters Bobra Adept Mode_trade (Market_Oders) - type of order placed. type_order (ORDER_FILLING_FOK) - type of order filling. Magic (123) - magic number. Us
900 USD
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Version 3.12 2016.05.23
New default settings m1 scalper.
fixed mod stop error
Version 3.11 2016.03.04
-Updated default settings.
Version 3.10 2015.12.16
Updated default settings plus minor bug fix where stop loss wasn't working as designed.
Version 3.9 2015.09.11
Fixed bug in trend-line detection

Added: 8 different trailing stop methods
-exBRN the original big round number trailing stop
-exHiLow trails on the last hi/low of the last x bars.
-exDHiLow trails on the last daily hi/low of the last x daily bars
-exIchi trails on the x line of the ichimoku indicator.
-exKelt trails on the keltner channel line of x bars.
-exHeiken trails on the heiken ashi hi/low of x bars.
-exDHeiken trails on the daily heiken ashi hi/low of the last x daily bars.
-exPsar trails on the SAR indicator.
[x=trailstop*10; one should optimize trailstop as follows: start 0.1 step 0.1 end 1.2]

added: 3 new signals
-mal places entry orders based from a moving average. signal always fires.
-pivma when moving average is higher than a traders pivot level it will go long and vice versa for short. places orders on a moving average.
-psar places entry orders based from the SAR indicator. signal always fires.

new inputs:
-trailtype select one of the trailing stop methods above.
-pivttype select one of the traders pivot levels for the pivma signal only.
-pvTF select a larger time frame for the traders pivots to be calculated from.
-psar1 step of the SAR for the psar signal only
-psar2 max for the SAR indicator psar signal only
Version 3.7 2015.09.02
- Changed ichi_E signal: it no longer uses highest high/lowest low. It is now a simple Ichimoku cross signal.
- Added chart comments to show various info.
- Added slippage reported to logs and push notifications.
- Fixed: order and position age are now calculated properly on initialization.
- Fixed bug where exitafterpeak would not exit after peak trading hours.
- Added: pending orders are removed but open trades are kept open (but not managed) during non-peak hours if both exitafterpeak and opentradepeakonly are 'true'.
- maxspread now expressed in percent of ATR instead of points.
- Reduced redundant pending order modifications.

- method kelt: Keltner channel breakout signal.
- method trnln: pattern recognition signal.
- ENTERTYPE EnterWithLimit and EnterWithStop: entry methods.
- OnlyPlaceWhenClose: if 'true', it will not place any orders at all until the price gets closer to the entry price.
- ReverseSignal: if 'true', it reverses long and short entry prices.
- alwaysforceorder: if 'true', it will place an order regardless of how far the price has moved past the target entry price.
- keltS: width of the Keltner channel expressed in factor1 (either ATR or BB units).
- mintouche: minimum extremity of a touch point expressed in bars.
- mintouchpt: minimum touch points for each trendline.
- Shortest: shortest segment allowed within a trend line.
- ttol: tolerance for precision of a straight line expressed in factor1 (either ATR or BB units).
- bounce: minimum bounce away from trendline for each touch point expressed in factor1 (either ATR or BB units).
- anglefilter: if 'true', it will not allow long signal on an up slope nor a short signal on a down slope.
- maxage: maximum age allowed for any trend line without a new touch point expressed in bars.
- patd: if not 0, then it is the maximum distance between upper and lower lines allowed to produce a signal expressed in factor1 (either ATR or BB units); if 0, then only one line produces a signal.
- UseMacdFl: if 'true', the MACD filter is used.
- MacdFl1: MACD filter period 1.
- MacdFl2: MACD filter period 2.
- MacdFl1: MACD filter period 3.
- UseMAdifFl: if 'true', the moving average difference filter is used.
- MAdifP: period for the MA difference filter.
- MAdifT: tolerance (distance between the current price and the MA) expressed in factor1.
- MAdifM: moving average method for the MA difference filter.
- maxtrades: if not 0, then this is the maximum trades allowed before the EA intentionally errors out.
Version 3.5 2015.07.29
bug where sometimes a replace sequence may have ended up with a double order fixed
Version 3.4 2015.07.23
- Time frame added to orders comments.
- Padding added (0.1 atr) to the replace order sequence (To prevent a replace sequence ending in "market too close" before the orders can be replaced.)

Inputs Added
- negscore: if limitneg is true then this will be the score to assign to frames with too few trades. used for optimzing
- limitneg: if false will allow negative scores (frames which lose money will have a score equal to its Sharpe Ratio as long as it satisfies minimum trades criteria.) used for optimizing
Version 3.3 2015.07.22
New signal Ichi-E:
When the "Tenkan" Ichimoku indicator crosses the "Senko" Ichimoku indicator and the highest high or lowest low of the last x th bars is broken, then it places a stop entry near (+/- pad) the moving average.

Bug fixed:
fixed Bollinger Band factor calculation.

Added inputs:
DateBeginSecondaries - the date to start trading the secondary symbols and timeframes. It will trade only the symbol "symbol0" on the "timeframe0" timeframe until then. Used for backtesting and optimizing
method=ichi_E - to run the new "ichi-E" signal, default is "dchan" which runs the original channel type signal
BarFraction - the fraction of a bar used to determine how long to wait between main program calls. It is an alternative to FREQUENCY. In case you want to run the main program every 1/4 of a bar for instance, you would set BarFraction to 0.25 and FREQUENCY to 1. It is only useful on the new ichi-E signal
PreCheckFraction - if true, it will not even execute order management or spread check functions until BarFraction is satisfied. Used to save CPU during optimizations
adjustorders - if true, it will continue to adjust pending orders once placed
checkdifonnewbar - if true, it will only adjust pending orders on a new bar
checkpatternonnewbar - if true, it will only place new orders on a new bar
usecurrentbar - if true, it will use the current bar in factor 1 calculations. It will be quicker to adjust to market conditions if true
exitfriday - if true, it will close positions and orders on friday at "exitfridaytime" hour
opentradepeakonly - if true, it will only open new trades during peak hours defined by "peakbegin"and "peakend"
exitafterpeak - if true, it will exit positions after peak hours defined above
AlwaysMinLot - if true, it will always open at least the minimum lot size. If false, it will not open any order which would exceed your risk percent by 2x even if that means not opening any orders at all.
Tenkan1 - the first period of the "tenkan" ichimoku indicator (ichi_E signal only)
Tenkan2 - the second period of the "tenkan" ichimoku (ichi_E)
Tenkan3 - the third period of the "Tenkan" ichimoku (ichi_E)
IchiB - the buffer number to use from the "Tenkan" ichimoku indicator (ichi_E)
Senk1 - the first period of the "Senko" Ichimoku (ichi_E)
Senk1 - the second period of the "Senko" Ichimoku (ichi_E)
Senk1 - the third period of the "Senko" Ichimoku (ichi_E)
IchiSB - the buffer number to use from the "Senko" ichimoku indicator (ichi_E)
Ma1 - the periods to use for the moving average (ichi_E)
Ma1m - the type of moving average (ichi_E)
spaceB - the number of the last bars of which all the highs or lows must be broken to complete ichi_E signal (ichi_E)
Version 3.0 2015.06.25
symbols - number of symbols from the symbols list to run simultaneously
symbol0..symbol30 - symbols list
timeframes - number of timeframes from the timeframes list to run on simultaneously
timeframe0..timeframe5 - timeframes list
FREQUENCY - number of seconds to wait in between main program calls
magic - Magic Number (now plays nice with other EAs and other instances of itself on the same symbol as long as the magic number is unique)
CheckMargin - check margin before placing an order. You may turn it off to increase performance in the Tester
slippage - maximum allowable slippage (if the broker allows such a setting)
maxspread - maximum spread allowed before it triggers safety mode and closes all pending orders temporarily
Lots - risk expressed in percent
stoploss - stop loss expressed in "factor1" (see below)
takeprofit - take profit expressed in factor defined below
trailstop - trailing stop loss expressed in "factor1" (see below)
trailpadding - padding of the trailing stop loss expressed in "factor1" (see below)
BRNTrailadj - adjuster used in the calculation of the frequency of the "big round numbers". A higher number is further apart big round numbers. This is a complex algorithm
Chanlength - length of channel expressed in bars
Chanwidth - width of channel expressed in "factor2" (see below)
chancore - channel core expressed in "factor2" (see below)
pad - pending order padding expressed in "factor1" (see below)
dchanmaxorderage - maximum order age of pending orders expressed in bars
dchanmaxposage - maximum position age of an open position expressed in bars
lotchngsense - minimum percent change of the lot size before an order replace sequence occurs
tpchngsense - minimum percent change of TP distance before an order modify or replace sequence is triggered (with the exception of a shrinking channel). In case the channel gets tighter/smaller, the order will always adjust)
maxadjDistance - expressed in "factor1" (see below), the market price must be within this price range for an order replace or order modify sequence to take place
F1type - Factor 1 definition. It can be bbF (percent of Bollinger Band 1) or atrF (ATR 1). This is the measurement of the SL and trailing SL are in
F2type - Factor 2 definition. It can be bbF (percent of Bollinger Band 2) or atrF (ATR 2). This is the measurement of the channel width, core and pad are in
Fbars1 - bars for the factor 1 calculation
Fbars2 - bars for the factor 2 calculation
bbd1 - Bollinger Band 1 setting
bbd2 - Bollinger Band 2 setting
Fnum TP - whether to use factor 1 or factor 2 calculation for the take profit factor
Cspreadmode - custom spread mode. It can either be csADD to add points to existing spread to simulate a wider spread or csMIN to be a static minimum spread. The balance is adjusted with the withdrawal function of Tester to replicate this larger spread. Use it to factor in additional commission and slippage to make sure your strategy/settings are robust
CustomSpread - custom spread expressed in points
TesterMinTrades - minimum trades used to calculate custom score of tester
MaxDchanWrat - maximum width to length ratio of the channel. It will error on init with the incorrect parameters message if this ratio is higher
MinDchanWrat - minimum width to length ratio of the channel. It will error on init with the incorrect parameters message if this ratio is lower
randFmode - it can be "scndtf", which will apply a change to the factors of all timeframes other than the timframe0. (It can be used to force a jiggle test on each frame if used in combination with a multi-timeframe optimization where all timeframe0..timeframe5 are the same, see below). It can be "all" which will change the factors of all timeframes including the timeframe0. It can be set to "off" as well
distributionmode - it can be "randD" which will make any factor changes random for a Monte Carlo effect or can be "evenD" which will make any factor changes evenly distributed (see below)
RandPercent - maximum percent of change applied to the factors when rand mode is on. This effects both randD mode and evenD mode
ScndTFadj - risk multiplier for the secondary timeframes. 1.0 means risk will be the same across all timeframes

Additional notable changes:
- Is now multi-symbol and multi-timeframe capable. Combination of rand modes and multi-timeframes uses include Monte Carlo mode and time dilation mode for robustness (see below)
- Uses virtual orders to track the positions and orders so now (with a unique magic) is compatible with other instances of itself on the same symbol as well as other EA.
- Orders are not arbitrarily contracted inwards unless the core requirement is met for the new width.
- Is now timer based. Main program is not called on each tick. Main program is called depending on FREQUENCY setting instead.
- Bolling Band percent instead of ATR can now be used as a factor to express the TP, SL, channel width and core settings.
- Order change sensitivity is now highly configurable in case your broker does not like the pending order spam.
- Is now very easy for me to add in new patterns, filters and other features so look out in the future for big additions.

Examples of Setting Combos:

Built in jiggle test during optimization for robustness: There will be 4 extra "5 minute runs" for each frame where the factors (effecting channel length, width, SL, TP, core etc.) are +6.25%, +12.5%, -12.5%, -6.25% making sure a wide range of similar settings are profitable during optimization:
timeframes - 5
timeframe0..timeframe5 - 5 minutes
randFmode - scndtf
distributionmode - evenD
RandPercent - 25

Built in jiggle test plus 2 secondary symbols for robustness of optimizations: There will be 2 extra "5 minute runs" for each of 1 main symbol and 2 secondary symbols at half risk. The secondary time frames will have adjusted factors by +9%/-9%.
timeframes - 3
timeframe0..timeframe2 - 5 minutes
symbols - 3
symbol0..symbol2 - any
scndrySadj - 0.5
randFmode - scndtf
distributionmode - evenD
RandPercent - 18

Monte Carlo 10 slightly adjusted (+/-12.5%) frames for verifying robustness of settings after optimization is complete:
Turn optimization on for FREQUENCY only (start 50 up to 500 to make the 10 frames)
randFmode - all
distributionmode - randD
RandPercent 25

Use "Bollinger Band 1 Percent" to express stop loss and trail and use "ATR 2" to express channel dimensions and TP:
F1type bbF
F2type atrF
FnumTP f2
Version 2.623 2015.04.07
- Checks for other pending orders near its own. If there are any, then lot size will be half of the normal one.
- If spread becomes volatile, orders are adjusted regardless of whether it is a new bar or not.
- SpreadBars is now hundreds of ticks instead of bars.
- Fixed New Channel bug.
Version 2.622 2015.04.03
-fixed channel filter blocking new channel bug
-updated default settings
-MAX_CHOP experimental filter market chop. 1 is the highest so a setting of 1 allows any market chop reading and is therefore not filtering anything. 0.5 will filter out most trades or all trades.
-CHOP_PERIOD the time-frame to take the market chop reading from.
-CHOP_BARS the amount of bars to take the average market chop reading from.
-MaxcwRatio the maximum CHANNEL_LENGTH:MAXCHANNELWIDTH ratio allowed. will block the optimizer by failing to init if this ratio is too high.
-MincwRatio the minimum CHANNEL_LENGTH:MAXCHANNELWIDTH ratio allowed. will block the optimizer by failing to init if this ratio is too low.
-m1penal in order to simulate slippage it uses the tester withdrawal function to make a small penalty withdrawal during optimizations.
-SimpleDDR if true will use the new optimization scoring algorithm with more weight on drawdown vs profit as well as the number of trades between equity peaks.
Version 2.61 2015.03.09
- Added: CHANNEL_FILTER filters out poorly defined channel walls.
- Added: Safety, if true disallows trading when other positions or orders are already present on the same symbol.
Version 2.53 2015.03.06
- Fixed bug padding not being applied correctly to the Big Round Number trailing stop mechanism.
- Fixed metal lot size (GOLD, SILVER etc.) calculation.
- Fixed "spread too wide" sometimes not triggering.
Version 2.52 2015.02.27
- Optimized default settings.
- CustomSpread is now considered during optimizations. Enter in your average slippage plus spread in points, and the tester will optimize for these parameters. Optimize to custom score with PUREDD=true to take advantage of this new CustomSpread algorithm.
- Implemented ultra tight stops. Now, a stop loss can be even tighter than allowed by the broker via an additional invisible stop loss handled within C7.
- Added: m1penal. Simulate the performance of live ticks a little better by penalizing any order where entry and exit are contained in the range of the same M1 bar (implements a forced withdrawal equal to an additional spread when penalizing), in points.
- Added: RestrictToDaily. If true, it will prohibit any pending orders from being placed within the previous days range (used for experimenting with some M1 settings).
Version 2.51 2015.02.05
Huge reduction in redundant pending orders.
Version 2.41 2015.02.03
New inputs:
MA - Moving average of MA filter
USEMA - turn the MA filter on/off
CustomSpread - simulate a larger spread during testing
StartDay - day of week to start trading
StartHour - Hour to start trading
EndDay - day to end trading for weekend
EndPosHour - Hour to close positions for weekend
EndPenHour - Hour to remove pending orders before weekend
MaxSpread - Maximum spread allowed before EA will stop trading temporarily
MaxSpreadBars - Amount of bars to stop trading for

Updated default settings for EURUSD 5M.
Version 2.2 2014.08.27
Added AddToEquity input: enter an extra amount to be used in the lot size calculation.
Version 2.1 2014.06.02
MINSWINGOUTRATIO - fraction of the core that a swingpoint must protrude in order to be calculated as a true swingpoint. (0.5)
ExpressCore - units that the core is expressed in (percent or ATR).

Overactive pending order adjustments.
Version 2.0 2014.03.20
- Removed STEP setting.
- Added ATR_BARS setting. The amount of bars in the ATR calculation.
- Now uses way less bars in its calculation.
- The whole algorithm is rebuilt. It is a lot more sensitive to current market conditions. It will adjust sl, tp, price and lot size based on recent volatility. Much testing shows this to have an overall increase in performance and robustness across different brokers data.
- Added the newest settings and readme doc to the comments area. Please read before using.
- Now the auto back order mechanism runs each time a new channel is detected. Much testing shows more trades/better performance.
- Fixed a small bug causing lot sizes to be slightly off as the spread was not being included in the formula.
- Fixed other small bugs.
Version 1.6 2014.03.18
- Arrows now indicate Channel walls and core positions.
- Timeframe added to order comments (user request).
- Checks the setting "Description(d99)" for matching timeframe and symbol for safety (user request).
- Now checks at initialization if there was supposed to be an order placed since the last new high/low. If so, places the order. That way if you miss an order because your computer crashed, it will still place the order when you REINITIALIZE. Note that if you disconnect and reconnect and miss an order, you will have to reinitialize the bot to take advantage of this.
- Improved PUREDD mode. Added "amount of trades between peaks" to algorithm so optimizer prefers smoother equity curves.
- Added PENexp setting. The exponent used in the algorithm which penalizing the frames that produce "amount of trades" or "profit factor" below the minimum requirements specified by the user as TesterMinTrades and MINPF respectively. The higher PENexp is set, the steeper the penalty curve.
- Added TesterLotinc setting. Slowly increases the lot size over time so that the optimizer prefers later performance over early one.
Version 1.5 2014.02.25
- Added Stop and Reverse setting (SAR) and fixed a couple minor bugs to mirror exact MetaTrader 4 version performance.
- Added SWINGPOINTONLY flag. Only channel walls defined by swingpoints will form a channel wall if true.
- Improved PUREDD mode to improve forward test and back test correlation.
- Updated default settings to freshly optimized (Feb 24th/2014).

Message me for newest settings for other pairs.
Version 1.4 2014.02.20
Bugfix of swingpoint. Was not performing as designed.
Improved volume corrections on existing pending orders.
Improved PUREDD optimization mode and its scoring has been smoothed.

Added inputs:
SWINGTYPE. Experimental swingpoint definitions.

Removed inputs:
MINSWINGOUT. Now consolidated with CHANNELCORE.
Version 1.3 2014.02.18
Converted all pip inputs to be based in ATR/StdDev instead of pips.

Added big round number trailing stop system.

Added new inputs:
- PUREDD to turn on optimization by pure balance relative drawdown %.
- PUREPFW weight of PF in PUREDD mode.

Various bullet proofing.

- New optimized default settings for EUR M5.

Optimization paragraph on product page should now read:
Mostly profitable results are returned by the tester when these parameters are optimized in this fashion on EUR M5 from the last 8 years:
MINSWINGOUT - 0.5 to 20.5, step 5
MINSWINGSPACE - 50 to 200, step 50
MAXSWINGSPACE - 250 to 2000, step 250
MINSWINGS - 2 to 3, step 1
ALLOWANCE - 0.2 to 1.8, step 0.4
MAXCHANNELWIDTH - 30 to 180, step 30
CHANNEL_LENGTH - 96 to 2400, step 96
CHANNEL_CORE - 5 to 10, step 1
NOCHANNELBARS - 10 to 510, step 100
STOP_LOSS - 1 to 5, step 1
TAKE_PROFIT - 25 to 45, step 5
TRAILING_STOP - 2 to 18, step 4
STEP - 0.1 to 0.3, step 0.1
CUSHION - -0.5 to 1, step 0.25
BRNSTOP - true
BRN - 0.0005 to 0.001, step 0.0005
BRNSTOPLOSS - 1 to 6, step 1
LOT - 0.1
LOT_TYPE - Percent

This is a very coarse optimization for minimal curve fitting.