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Work Horse

Workhorse is a trend-based Expert Advisor that trades using two moving averages with different periods. Orders are opened in the direction of both MAs, if the strength of the trend, calculated by the internal formula, assumes its continuation.

Orders are opened without Stop Loss. Take Profit can be set for fully automated trading.

Trailing stop is activated only at positives values of OrderProfit.

The Max_Risk parameter is used to prevent unjustified losses.

Attention! Max_Risk is set as an absolute value and corresponds to the absolute value of OrderProfit.


  • MA_fast_period - fast МА period.
  • MA_slow_diff - slow MA period, equal to MA_fast_period+MA_slow_diff.
  • MA_tf - period. It can be one of the values of the ENUM_TIMEFRAMES enumeration.
  • trend_power - internal coefficient of the EA, used for determining the strength of the trend. For currency pairs with 5 decimal places, it can take values from 0 to 50.
  • TrailingStop - Trailing Stop. Activated only at positives values of OrderProfit.
  • TakeProfit.
  • Max_Risk.
  • spread_limit - the maximum allowed spread for opening orders.
  • Lots - lot size.
  • MAGICMA - magic number.
2018.01.26 09:27 

Version 1.2 - 2018.02.06
1. Adjusted the logic for setting stop loss and take profit.
2. The names of input parameters have been replaced with user-friendly versions.