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Balance Lock GG

The Balance Lock GG Expert Advisor trades in both directions followed by partial closure of orders. After the first orders are opened, the EA places a grid of orders as the price moves further, depending on the trend direction. Then it partially closes the unprofitable orders by profitable ones. Trades in two directions simultaneously. Unprofitable orders are closed in parts, regardless of the trend direction. This makes trading more secure.

Recommendations on usage

  1. Run the EA on a VPS.
  2. Accounts with five-digit quotes are preferable.
  3. Use currency pairs with low spreads.
  4. The EA performs numerous trades. Using a rebate service to return part of the spread will increase the profitability.

Adjustable parameters

  • NameExpert - name of the Expert Advisor.
  • Magic1 - magic number.
  • PipPlus - step between orders.
  • Lots - initial lot, the default is 0.1.
  • AveragingLots - select the averaging mode.
  • Multiplier - multiplier for the averaging mode Original.
  • PartOfProfit - split the initial lot to exit the lock.
  • Profit - additional profit when exiting a lock.
  • Slippage - slippage.
  • UseSound - use audio alerts.
  • SoundFileName - sound file name.
  • colorOpenBuy - buy order open color.
  • colorCloseBuy - buy order close color.
  • colorOpenSell - sell order open color.
  • colorCloseSell - sell order close color.
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