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Balance Lock GG

Trading is performed in both directions using equal lots. This Expert Advisor opens two orders with equal lots.

Depending on the further direction of the trend, the EA places a grid of orders. After that it closes the unprofitable orders using profitable ones with the desired additional profit specified in the settings. Unprofitable orders are closed in parts, regardless of the trend direction. This reduces the drawdown and makes trading more secure.

Advantages of the strategy include:

  • Locking to prevent a drawdown increase
  • Averaging orders used to cover the losing orders
  • Partial closure to reduce the load on deposit


  • It is recommended to use a low spread ECN broker and a VPS.
  • Use only five-digit accounts.
  • Lower spread will improve results.
  • Using a rebate service to return part of the spread will increase the profit.


  • NameExpert - name of the Expert Advisor.
  • Magic1 - magic number.
  • PipPlus - step between orders.
  • Lots - initial lot, the default is 0.1.
  • AveragingLots - select the averaging mode.
  • Multiplier - multiplier for the averaging mode Original.
  • PartOfProfit - split the initial lot to exit the lock.
  • Profit - additional profit when exiting a lock.
  • Slippage - slippage.
  • UseSound - use audio alerts.
  • SoundFileName - audio file name.
  • colorOpenBuy - buy order open color.
  • colorCloseBuy - buy order close color.
  • colorOpenSell - sell order open color.
  • colorCloseSell - sell order close color.
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