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SmartBee is a trend Expert Advisor with a risk-to-profit ratio from 1 to 3 and 1 to 10.

The main advantages of EA SmartBee:

  • Strict risk control. The maximum Stop Loss is 45 points for the major currency pairs.
  • The ratio between a profitable transaction and a loss is 7 to 1 on the average.
  • The EA does not use grid systems, martingale and other dangerous ways of money management.
  • Diversification occurs with the help of trading different currency pairs.

Principle of trade:

The EA draws the price channel on the chart based on the moving average. When the price enters the channel, it opens the deal, and the stop loss is placed behind the opposite border of the channel. To open transactions on currencies, there are additional filters that we do not disclose, as these filters are the keystone to the success of EA SmartBee.

Recommended parameters for using SmartBee

  • Timeframe for trade M15
  • Currency pairs: USDCAD, USDCHF, EURUSD, GBPUSD.
  • The minimum deposit size is $200.
  • Leverage - any.
  • Type of account - any.

Description of manual settings

  • MaPeriod - moving average period.
  • channel - moving average channel width.
  • SL - stop loss from the channel boundary in points.
  • TP - ratio of take profit to stop loss.
  • time - timeframe.
  • noLoss - ratio of profit/stop loss when transferring the deal into a breakeven needed.
  • CloseOnRevers - close the transaction with a reverse signal.
  • Lots - volume.
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