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Avalanche MT5

The operation of this robot's trading algorithm begins with placement of buy stop and sell stop orders at the same distance from the price and with the same volume. After one of the orders is triggered, instead of the opposite order, the same order but with a greater volume (specified in the settings) is placed.
If the opened order becomes unprofitable, and the price continues moving in the opposite direction for a long time, then a "larger order" is triggered and another stop order is placed at the opening price of the first order, but with the volume such that the sum of volumes of the first and third orders are X times greater than the volume of the second order.

The traded volume is increased in such a way until the price continues to move in either direction. And once the price passes the distance from the last order, equal to the distance between these orders, the aggregate position will reach between, and further movement will start making profit.

The Expert Advisor works well during strong movements, therefore it contains the ATR indicator of volatility, which is used to determine the time for opening orders.

  1. The EA is designed for МТ5 hedge accounts
  2. Recommended account - cent МТ5 hedge, at least 15000 USD cents ($150), leverage - 1:500
  3. Recommended timeframe - М5
  4. The default settings are optimized for the EURUSD pair
  5. For better visualization, it is recommended to attach the ATR indicator with the period of 2 to the chart

Expert Advisor Setup:

  • Fix Lot? - use fixed initial lot or calculate the lot as a percentage of equity.
  • Fix Lot Value - fixed initial lot.
  • Lot Size Multiplier - coefficient for calculating the initial lot based on equity.
  • Maximum number of orders in a series - the maximum number of orders in the series.
  • The maximum spread on the symbol for opening orders - the maximum spread for opening orders.
  • Distance between orders - the initial distance between buy and sell orders.
  • Martingale multiplier - multiplier for orders in the series.
  • Take Profit in pips - take profit in points.
  • Profit trail start - profit trailing start value in points.
  • Profit trail size - profit trailing step in points.
  • ATR Indicator Threshold - ATR threshold, above which orders are opened.
  • Working hours of the Expert Advisor - section for fine-tuning the operation time of the EA. New series are not opened outside the working time.

Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/384269

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Version 1.1 2018.02.02
- Faster position closing upon triggering of trailing stop