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TurnOnCarry Free

TurnOnCarry Free is a Forex strategy based on Bollinger Bands.

This is a long-term strategy originally intended for trading on D1 timeframe. However, this trading robot can work on smaller timeframes as well (down to H1 ones). TurnOnCarry "tries" to find the most obvious price reversals for the most profitable entry.

Besides, this strategy involves partial closing of a profitable position on a configured level, thereby allowing traders to partially fix their profits. The remaining part of the position is moved to the break-even level that is 3 points above the position opening level preventing possible losses. Thus, this Expert Advisor is designed for the long-term, steady and successful trading with low drawdown.

Stability rather than profit - that is the motto of the Expert Advisor and "Turn on Carry" strategy.

The Expert Advisor automatically defines symbol quotes, therefore, SL and TP values should be specified as for 4-digit quotes. 


  • Auto calc SL & TP - if true, SL and TP are calculated automatically 
  • Stop Loss (in points) - Stop Loss value in points
  • Take Profit (in points) - Take Profit value in points
  • Partial Close Level (in % of TP [10..70]) - partial closing level in percentage value of TP in the [10%..70%] interval
  • Channel Period - Bollinger channel period
  • Signal Price Calc - price data type for calculations

This version of the Expert Advisor has been created to check the strategy's viability. Trading is performed on a current symbol, current time frame and using a doubled minimum lot.

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