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Martingale Grid Hedge

This system is very simple. It uses a martingale grid hedging style strategy by incrementally increasing lot sizes. It can be random entry initiated. A long/short position is entered in base of daily and weekly pivot fibo level and when the market goes against your position you enter a new position in same  direction with ratio (set in setting) of  the previous lot entry.

set long/short entry true or false, u can stop new cycle of any side if set false.

set your initial lot size, Take profit and grid size (2nd order distance from first)

set your max open trade in each side

choose your risk ratio for next trade multiplication as below:

Safe : 1.2

Minor: 1.3

Low_: 1.4

Medium: 1.5

High: 1.6

Major: 1.7

Insane: 1.8

I prefer 1000 usd cent acc for intial lot 0.01 in 4 pairs at a time , u will return monthly 10 -30 %

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Version 3.1 2018.09.03
Little upgrade in text and logic