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Financial Independence Dragon

Financial Independence Dragon (F.I.D) is a MetaTrader 4 based, fully automatic EA which trades by “trend trading” strategy. FID will pre-judge the trend direction in advance and open buy or sell orders when detecting momentum. The default EURUSD parameter was developed by 99.9% tick level database. We also made cross-validation (In sample test + Out of sample test) during the development stage in order to minimize over-fitting effects.

The Expert Advisor supports trading with a flexible lot size (Standard 1 lot per $10,000 or minimum 0.01 lot per $100 deposit), and also includes the ACM (Automatic Capital Management) function for automatic lot calculation based on the customized risk ratio.

How it works

  • Pre-judge the direction, open the Buy / Sell order when momentum is detected.
  • Using trailing stop loss to maximize the profit when market moves fast.
  • Multiple stop loss methods are available.
  • Reference to Figure 1.


  • Short position holding time: Long-term average is 6h 8m.
  • Controllable risk level, easy to control by lot size and risk ratio settings.
  • Flexible capital requirement, FID can work with any deposit, no matter $100 or even more than $50,000.
  • 100% automatic trading, no need to worry about temporarily leverage ratio change by brokers. Or any bombshell news in the market.
  • Highly customizable, with flexible combinations of indicators, filters and stoppers.
  • Multiple Forex pairs is available: EURUSD (default parameters), GBPUSD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDCHF.
  • Reference to Figure 2.

ACM (Automatic Capital Management)

  • The ACM mode allows investor to have a variable lot size according to preset risk ratio (From 0.1~2) and equity. The parameter of this risk ratio means the standard lot size by $10,000 deposit. Default is 1.0 (1 lot by $10,000 initial deposit or 0.3 lot by $3,000, etc).
  • With the ACM mode, investor can maximize the power of compound interest by every single order with the same level of risk.
  • Reference to Figure 3.

List of parameters

  • EA starting Hour (GMT+0): EA start time.
  • EA closing Hour (GMT+0) : EA stop time.
  • Interval of next order (Seconds): Control the interval of two adjacent orders.
  • Max spread point: Stop opening new orders when spread is bigger than preset number.
  • Max slide point: To define the maximum slippage in points investor can allow.
  • Buy lot: Fix buy lot size when ACM is disabled.
  • Sell lot: Fix sell lot size when ACM is disabled.
  • Enable Automatic Capital Management (ACM).
  • ACM risk ratio (0.1-2).
  • SAR filter: Direction judgment.
  • MA1 filter: Direction judgment.
  • MA2 filter: Direction judgment.
  • MACD filter: Direction judgment.
  • KD filter: To avoid buy in the top or sell in the bottom.
  • Envelopers filter: To avoid buy in the top or sell in the bottom.
  • Trailing stop loss: Variable profit by every order.
  • Time up stop loss: Reduce the loss when the momentum is gone.


  • Timeframe: M5.
  • Deposit: $100 and higher.
  • Account type: ECN account with average 0~0.5 pips, commission no more than $7.0/lot.


  • We strongly recommend using an ECN account with low spread (0~0.5 pips) and fast execution. STP account (1.5~2.5 pips) will impact the profit significantly.
  • ACM (Automatic Capital Management) risk ratio should be no more than 2.0 (Default: 1.0).
  • Timeframe: Fixed as M5, otherwise all of the default parameters have to be modified.
  • Default parameters are designed for EURUSD, please DO NOT modify them for EURUSD trading or use them on other pairs unless you are capable of MetaTrader 4 optimization with high quality tick data base.
2018.02.15 18:06 

I rented from today for three months. I will give you at the Moment 4 stars. In the midle of the time i present the results. Lets see what your System can do for me.