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Setslav Scalper S1 Cad Jpy Chf

Setslav_Scalper_S#1_CAD-JPY-CHF is a scalping Expert Advisor developed specifically for working on real accounts, which does not require any strict conditions or a specific broker. This is not a typical scalper since it has the following distinguishing features:

  • no need to select a broker - it works with any broker;
  • no need for a minimum spread - spread value does not affect the EA operation;
  • no need for high-speed VPS;
  • not affected by account type;
  • losses are limited by StopLoss level which is not too high.

The Setslav_Scalper_S#1_CAD-JPY-CHF operation is based on four strategies for each instrument independent of each other. Each strategy is based on three indicators + mathematical calculations and technical analysis on a separate timeframe. All parameters can be optimized for any trading style. The EA may open multiple positions based on a single strategy. The number of opened orders can be selected in the parameters.

The EA also features the info panel displaying the entire trading process and detailed statistics.

Setslav_Scalper_S#1 may act not only as a scalper but can also be customized to fit any trading style. Below is a small list of the EA possibilities:

  • Scalping.
  • Following a trend.
  • Martingale/anti-martingale (lot-increasing/lot-decreasing ratio).
  • Averaging (by time, by distance from the last open position).
  • The EA can be adjusted for both conservative and aggressive trading of any style.

The default adjustments are as follows:

Currency pairs using in trading: CAD/JPY, CHF/JPY, CAD/CHF.

Timeframe: M15

Disable the panel to accelerate a test. To do this, set Use_Panel to false.

The most important inputs

  • Use_Panel = true - display the panel on the chart. false – disabled;
  • DisableAllTrade_InfoOnly = false - disable all trading to allow viewing the trade results on the EA's panel on a home PC, if the EA is running on VPS;
  • use_FIFO_rules = false - enable/disable trading in compliance with FIFO;
  • Symbol_1 = CADJPY - trading symbol. To disable the instrument enter NO;
  • Symbol_2 = CADCHF - trading symbol. To disable the instrument enter NO;
  • Symbol_3 = CHFJPY - trading symbol. To disable the instrument enter NO;
  • MoneyManagement = true - enable/disable the common money management function. When false – disabled;
  • Risk_value = 1.0 - risk level;
  • x_Lot = 1.0 - multiplies the lot size of opened positions;
  • x_Profit = 1.0 - multiplies the profit of already open positions;
  • UseAutoCalculateProfLoss = true - automatic calculation of profit relative to the selected risk (Risk_value);
  • Use_Stop_or_Take = true - enable/disable SL and TP;
  • Stoploss = 50 – stop loss value;
  • Takeprofit = 50 – take profit value;
  • AutoClosePositions = true - enable/disable the automatic position closure;
  • Proc_Loss_trade = 16.0 - works only if SL = 0 - loss as a percentage of the deposit to close all orders opened by the strategy;
  • Proc_Prof_trade = 0.35 - profit as a percentage of the deposit to close all orders opened by the strategy;
  • MaxTrades = 2 – the maximum number of orders per strategy;
  • k_Lots = 1.0 – lot multiplier for trading with martingale. It is also possible to use a decrement;
  • UseTrailing = true – use trailing stop. false – disabled;
  • TrailingStop = 45 – trailing stop size;
  • TrailingStep = 2 – trailing step, in points;
  • use_trades_in_profit_zone = true - true - use, false - do not use;
  • step_in_profit_zone = 35 - distance from the opening price in points;
2018.02.08 04:32   

I bought this EA yesterday and ran for 16 hours. Why didn't any one order open?

Version 3.1 - 2018.02.09
Adapted for trading with settings: Project-2.set
Version 3.0 - 2018.02.02
1. Two currency pairs have been added to the EA: CHFJPY and CADCHF - the trading structure of the EA is fully completed and ready to go.
2. Replaced working indicators in all trading pairs - instead of BDN and RSI, now MA and Stochastic are used.
3. Improved and refined the trading algorithm.
4. Added a separate function to close all positions and all currency pairs used in trading. This allows you to significantly expand the scope of the EA to use it in various trading styles. You can use a common Stop and total Profit (in %) to close all orders of all instruments.