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Trend Catcher Pro

TREND CATCHER Pro is one of the software products of the "Paramount trade" project, in which we implemented our own trend algorithm for trading on the foreign exchange market.

While creating TREND CATCHER Pro, our goal was to create an Expert Advisor that is capable of:

  • Demonstrating positive results on currency pairs selected for trading.
  • Trading with a minimum drawdown.
  • Showing long-term capital gain regardless the trading conditions of the broker.
  • Always using SL.
  • EA does not use a grid system, martingale and other dangerous capital managing techniques.
  • EA can trade trade both: one currency pair and a portfolio (several currency pairs).
  • We've coped with the goal and created TREND CATCHER Pro. You can evaluate it!

Currently, TREND CATCHER Pro is used for trading instruments such as: GBPJPY, USDJPY, GBPUSD and XAUUSD. Also, we are testing TREND CATCHER Pro on other currency pairs. Therefore, in the future we plan to update TREND CATCHER Pro and expand the portfolio with new pairs for trading.

Algorithm of TREND CATCHER Pro is based on the author's indicator, which finds the beginning of the trend on the basis of price behavior, momentum dimensions and adds new trades in the direction of the trend.

StopLoss is set at price extremes and follows the price in the deal profit increasing direction. Thus, in long flats, the EA demonstrates negative results for a particular currency pair. We recommend using the EA for long-term periods of 1 year or more. Our experience has shown that 1-2 months in a year brings the main profit. You should also use several trading instruments to get more stable results.

Parameters for using TREND CATCHER Pro:

  • Timeframe for trading:
    • H4
  • Currency pairs for trading:
    • GBPJPY
    • USDJPY
    • GBPUSD
    • XAUUSD
  • Trading time: 24 hours
  • The minimum recommended deposit size is from $ 1,000 for trading 0.01 lots.
  • Type of accounts for trading - any
  • Use VPS to provide round-the-clock communication with the trading server of the broker.

Description of TREND CATCHER Pro parameters:

TREND CATCHER Pro works and can be tested both on control points and on all ticks. This provides maximum accuracy when testing and manually optimizing the EA and selecting new currency pairs.

Parameters for manual adjustment:

  • Lots - lot size
  • NumberOfSpreadsForStopLoss - how many spreads to deviate from the extremum to set StopLoss
  • DoNotOpenOrdersCloserThan - do not open new deals upon a a signal closer than
  • CheckNews - consider news when opening new deals
  • MainTrendPower - the period of the main indicator that measures the strength of the trend
  • SecondaryTrendPower - the period of the second indicator that measures the strength of the trend
  • MainTimePeriod - the period for searching the trend direction
  • SecondaryTimePeriod - the period for adding deals in the trend direction
  • IgnoreSellSignal - ignore Sell signals
  • IgnoreBuySignal - ignore Buy signals
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Version 1.1 2018.04.24
Fixed the critical error of division by zero.