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Shmendridge 1005


  • No martingale or other suspicious/dangerous MM.
  • No suspicious drawdowns. Standard broker stop-loss placed on all orders.
  • No hard-coded tricks.
  • Set your own risk to reward.
  • Very simple and safe money management.
  • Good settings will work across multiple pairs and time frames that it was not even optimized for!
  • No worry of slippage or broker differences, this EA does not scalp but operates on H4 or higher and it only runs at bar close.
  • Backtesting custom optimizations. This EA is a powerful tool that will probably live forever in your trading arsenal. [MetaTrader 5 version only]
  • Less than 1/3rd of the price of other incredible EA's!


This EA simply takes 10 popular indicators used in today's best trade systems and gives each combination a variable weight. When an indicator matches up with another a score is given. Once enough indicators have lined up to give a large enough score, a trade is entered. It's designed to catch large moves on trendy pairs on the daily and H4 and works well on EU, EJ, GJ, AU, UC but also works on others as well.

Money management is simple. Just use the risk setting to set the % of your risk on each trade or set to 0.0001 to trade with the smallest allowable lot size. You may also select a flat position size in lots.

I will use this EA on my own live account but I don't have much initial capital, so I will sell some copies of this to give my trading account a little boost. I will take it down when my account is adequate (or at least raise the price), so act soon!

The optimization algorithm is fully customizable to your trading preferences and risk tolerance. This EA is a powerful tool that will probably live forever in your trading arsenal. If you love testing, you will love this EA. [MT5 version only]

I have screened one pair's optimization and forward test. It actually works even better on EUR and works great on many other pairs.


  • Magicn - Set to be unique for each instance.
  • *TESTER SETTINGS - Optimize for custom to utilize the settings below, weights should not be 0. [MetaTrader 5 only]
  • TesterMinTrades - minimum trades. Tester will severely penalize the custom score of runs with fewer trades.
  • TesterSharpWeight - weight of the Sharp Ratio within the custom score.
  • TesterDDRatioWeight - weight of the drawdown to profit ratio within the custom score.
  • TesterPFWeight - weight of the Profit Factor within the custom score.
  • TesterProfitweight - weight of the Profit per year within the custom score.
  • ScoreMultiplier - multiply the custom score result in case it is too small to read within the results. 
  • *BIG ROUND NUMBERS SETTINGS - will place stops/entries behind/in front of BRNs.
  • PreAdj - adjustment of the actual designation of the BRNs based on ATR. (1-10)/0.25.
  • BRNnotrades - if true, it will not take trades in to nearby BRNs.
  • UseBRNStops - reduce risk by hiding stops behind nearby BRNs.
  • UseBRNTargets - increase probability of hitting target by placing targets inside nearby BRNs.
  • PullBackEntry - enters with limit order just inside a BRN. Experimental.
  • brnarea - distance from BRN to the new level based in ATR (0.1-3.1)/0.25.
  • BRNzone - distance to look for the nearest BRN based in ATR (0.25-8) /0.25.
  • *LOT SIZE AND RISK - If uselots = false then risk @ 0.01 = 1% of account risk.
  • Slippage - allowable slippage.
  • UseLots - if true, uses standard lot sizing instead of a percent of account risk.
  • Risk - if UseLots is false then .01 = 1% of account risk, otherwise risk is just a standard lot size.
  • Stoploss - based on ATR (1-4)/1.
  • Takeprofit - based on ATR (1-6)/1.
  • Thresh - score needed to enter a trade (70-120) [set and do not optimize].
  • CThresh - score needed to exit a trade (10-70)/10.
  • Decay - score decay each bar (1-8)/1.
  • ScoreX_Y - these are the points awarded when indicator x lines up with indicator y. (0-10)/2.


Please read all MetaTrader 5 documents regarding curve fitting and backtesting. Always check across data feeds, pairs and timeframes.
  • Use control points for quicker optimizations. It will hardly make a difference and you can do the final check with every tick to make sure.
  • Use the H4 or Daily only to catch large moves, that is what it is designed for.
  • Use the custom weights and minimum trades settings for the custom score optimizer and then optimize for custom.
  • First, set your stop loss, take profit and Thresh to your personal liking.
  • Second, run an isolated round of optimizing only the trade entry and management section.
  • Third, run another optimization for the BRN section to fine tune it. (These two options are run seperate to avoid overfitting.)
  • Use risk of 0.0001 during optimization to avoid strange results. 
  • Optimize for profit factor or optimize for custom one in MetaTrader 5.
  • Optimize a specific date that leaves some space for a forward test. For example, optimize for 2005-2012, and when you are done, you can run it on 2013 as a "forward" test.
  • Once comfortable with your optimization procedure, you may want to optimize up to date and only check on other time frames, pairs and pre-optimization date data.
  • You will need at least 350 trades in most cases.
  • You will need to cover enough time in your optimizations to avoid overfitting. For instance, at least 15 years for a 4 hour time period setting.
  • Check the comments for known settings.
  • EXPERIMENT AND LEARN! All setting and optimization instructions are just general guidelines, and I urge you to find what works for you, maybe even find new ways to use this tool.
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Version 1.4 - 2014.02.17
Added new settings:
- PUREDD - to optimize strictly for draw-down percent (not ratio).
- PUREPFW - weight of PF when PUREDD is true.
- StopTrail - based on ATR.
- UseTwoBarSmartStop - efficient robot trailing stop.
- TBSStf - time frame for TBSS to trail on.
- TBSSminbarsize - minimum size of bar to count in the TBSS.
- TBSSmaxbars - maximum of skipped bars (due to being too small etc.).
- TBSScusion - cushioning of the TBSS system expressed in ATR.
- TBSActivation - ATR to move in to profit before TBSS is activated.
- UseSpaceFilter - turn the space filter on or off.
- SpaceFilterBars - trades are not performed if price is inside a previous range within x bars.
- SpaceExclusionBars - the most recent x bars in the space filter are not counted.
- SpaceCusion - cushioning for Space Filter (can be negative).
- UseTempNoStops - sl or tp are not placed until score settles down.
- UseRemStops - sl and tp are removed if score increases beyond Thresh again.
- FireDecay - decay of the score on each trade.
brnarea removed
- Stopbrnarea - the cushioning between the BRN and the sl.
- Entrybrnarea - the cushioning between the BRN and the entry of a limit order.
- Profitbrnarea - the cushioning between the BRN and the tp.
comment - a secondary identifier of magic number. Don't change it if trades are open!

Also, added some general fool proofing:
- if order is too close to market for broker, it will be automatically moved.
- fixed a condition where if not enough data was available, it would send the score too high (during back-test)
- fixed some rare divide by zero situations during optimizations
**As always, check the comments for the latest settings and don't forget that this is not a scalper (delays/spreads have little effect), all calculations are done at bar open (you can back-test very fast in open only mode) and results of simulated forward tests are very reproduceable.
Version 1.3 - 2014.02.03
Increased performance in the custom score during optimization.