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Index Scalper MT5

The Index Scalper MT5 is intended to be used on stock indices, however, it can be applied to any symbol. The Index Scalper was developed for AUS200, CAC40, DAX30, ESP35, ESX50, HK50, JPN225, NAS100, SMI20, SP500 and UK100.


Entry points are determined by MACD movement combined with the current price in relation to the moving average value. The Index Scalper MT5 opens BUY positions only. Trades are closed by a trailing stop or are closed automatically. The lot size for the buy orders is not changed by the Index Scalper. The number of orders opened in parallel can be defined by the user.

Used indicators

  • MACD based on the M5 timeframe
  • Moving average based on the H1 timeframe


  • Lots - 0.1 (default)
  • closinglevel - 100 (default - depending on your symbol, lot size and your broker you need to increase or decrease this value)
  • MagicNumber - 123456 (default)
  • maxorders - 10 (default - defines the maximum number of orders that can be opened in parallel)

Screenshots are taken from backtesting.

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Version 1.10 - 2018.02.07
trailing stop replaced by closinglevel. Number of maximum orders to be opened parallel is an external variable and can be changed