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EUPressure EA is a fully automated and quickly action trading robot, based on the principle of scalping at great price volatility on timeframe M1. The EA has a smart indicator for indicating a safety distance zone and only making orders belong to this zone. The EA is only intended for trading on EUR/USD.

Advanced features

  • The EA does not use a high risk trading methods (hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitration, etc.).
  • The EA always uses low stop loss for all orders and protecting your account.
  • The EA also has Money Management method, which allow you select both a fixed lot size and the one depending on your free margin.
  • All orders stay in market with very low holding time.
  • The EA can working with low initial deposit and maximum drawdown on testing always lower 10%.

This is recommended to use the EA with a low & fixed spread broker (<=5) and a low latency VPS. Default setting is already configured for EUR/USD on timeframe M1.


Symbol: EURUSD - Timeframe: M1 - Broker Non Dealing Desk + ECN account - Latency from VPS to Broker <2ms.

  • Auto lots (true/false): Auto calculate lots on margin account.
  • Risk percent: when to enable auto lots.
  • Fix Lots
  • Stop loss
  • Trailing distance
  • Max spread: max spread
  • Max slippage: max slippage
  • Time for closing pending order: seconds to close pending order
  • Risk mode: low risk, medium risk, high risk
  • Pressure Key:  price volatility factor
Please test the EA in the strategy tester and use on a demo account for checking broker and VPS before using it on a live account.
2018.02.10 06:11 

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Manabu Yanagita
2018.01.25 22:05 

2018.01.20 14:58 

Very good and stable results on backtest.

Looks very promising, let's see how it performs in future.

monla pipat
2018.01.17 12:16 

I have bought this EA on 28 Dec 2017, after backtest, the results were very good, I have run this EA on Demo, the result seem ok, so next week I will run EA on a real account, will keep you on post. PLEASE STAY AWAY IF YOU CAN'T FIND THE BROKER THAT PROVIDE SPEAD LESS THAN 5 AND VPS &lt; 2MS, I LOST IN IC MARKET ECN. GO AWAY FROM THIS EA.....