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Daily Waves

Daily Waves EA was created to make life easier to traders. It will open just one set of trades at the beginning of Tokio Trading Time using a maximum risk for those trades set by the user in the “Maximum Risk Daily” input. This EA is only recommended to be use in EURUSD and Daily timeframe.

Trading Strategy

Daily Waves EA will analyze the price action in EURUSD at the close of NY session, afterwards it will open a buy, sell, buy limit or sell limit order during Tokio trading session.

This EA is the sum of my trading knowledge regarding EURUSD price action of 7 years real trading experience. I think it is a solid and reliable EA to be run on your trading servers througout the years.

Daily Waves EA test results

From 2007 November to 2017 November, in EURUSD and daily timeframe starting with 1000$ Capital and default inputs settings, Daily Waves EA have managed a profit of 56.700$ and a Profit Factor of 2.26 with an average spread of 0.3. You can test this results by yourself downloading the DEMO.


  • Maximum Risk Daily - The double of this number will represent the maximum percentage of your account that you are willing to risk daily.
  • Symbol Average Spread - Its not necessary and default will be 0, but you can put your average spread of EURUSD symbol here.
  • Magic Number Strategy A (Should be different from B) - Magic number for strategy A.
  • Magic Number Strategy B (Should be different from A) - Magic number for strategy B.

If you have any doubts and/or suggestions please contact me.

2018.02.28 23:17 

Nice strategy, so far is doing good and safe green trades, worth a try!!

Developer is friendly and helped me out with the set-up. Would recommend.

2018.02.19 17:44 

good adviser...