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Differential Oscillator Plus

Differential Oscillator Plus calculates the differential of the price chart in real time and shows the chart's turning points. The indicator crossing 0 shows the chart movement direction. Sell if the indicator changes its sign from "+" to "-". Buy if the indicator changes its sign from "-" to "+".

Please note that the indicator key points are zero crossing points rather than indicator chart tops and bottoms. However, the height of extremum points indicates the trend dynamics, since the chart differential calculates the rate of rise or fall of the price chart. You can use that when setting a trade volume.


  • bar - number of bars for calculating the extremum points (maximum or minimum). The recommended value is 5;
  • check - indicator operation mode switch:
    • false - calculate the current indicator parameters only (low forecast accuracy);
    • true - recommended value, at which the indicator parameters are optimized considering the entire history. The forecast probability is maximum. There may be a slight delay when plotting the entire history.
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