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GRat PAMM Corr

GRat PAMM Corr is an autocorrector for positions opened on a PAMM-account.


  1. The adjustment is made after depositing/withdrawing funds and after closing orders opened according to the main strategy (hereinafter referred to as the "main" ones).
  2. The cumulative open position is adjusted to within the lot step. The remainder, which is not corrected due to rounding to the lot step, is transferred to the next adjustment.
  3. The time interval to check for depositing/withdrawing and closing of the main orders is specified in the parameter.
  4. Autocorrector is attached to the chart of the symbol where the open positions need to be adjusted. It is possible to adjust several symbols on one account, if a separate instance is run on each chart.
  5. You can set the time and amount of the withdrawal to preliminarily reduce the open positions before real withdrawal of a large amount in order to exclude a stop out. To do this, specify the withdrawal amount in the N<Symbol>HH:MM global variable of the terminal (F3), where:
    • [Symbol] - the symbol where the open positions need to be adjusted;
    • HH:MM - server time of the preliminary correction (1-2 minutes before the real withdrawal). For example, to pre-adjust the open orders for EURUSD at 12:00 with an upcoming withdrawal of $10,000 at 12:01, create a global terminal variable named CorrEURUSD12:00 and set it to 10000.

Attention! After setting the variable, the Expert Advisor needs to be reinitialized (Press F7, then click OK).


  • Not tested for positions opened in different directions simultaneously.
  • Does not correct pending orders.
  • When opening the main orders, you should keep a constant ratio of the lot size to the account equity (set in parameters).
  • The main orders should be closed according to the strategy completely (not partially).


  • Lots - lot size of the main order opened, with the account equity specified in the Equity parameter.
  • Equity - the account equity, at which the size of the main order lot is equal to Lots.
  • CorrMagic - "magic" number of corrective orders. It should differ from the "magic" number of the main orders.
  • CorrSeconds - time interval to check if correction is necessary.

Test Case

  1. Open a demo account in USD, deposit 300 USD, connect to it in the terminal.
  2. Run the EA on the EURUSD chart with the default settings.
  3. Manually open 3 BUY orders with 0.01 lot each.
  4. Deposit 100 USD. The corrective order BUY 0.01 lot should be opened.
  5. Delete any 2 main orders of the 3. The corrective order BUY 0.01 lot should be closed.
  6. Create global variable of the terminal (F3) named CorrEURUSDHH:MM=300, where HH:MM is the current server time + 1 min. Reinitialize the Expert Advisor, wait for 1 minute. The main order should be closed.
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