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ABCMarketsControl.ex4 utility manages already opened trades on any symbol by moving them to a breakeven when the price reaches a certain level. Besides, if the price goes further in favorable direction, the utility moves Stop Loss and Take Profit accordingly.

The utility is most convenient for use on medium and long terms, as well as when trading on news.

The parameters set by default are optimal, but it is better to select them individually for each trading symbol according to personal experience and goals.


  • Loss_free_level - profit, at which a trade is moved to breakeven (in points). Default is 40.
  • Step_modify - modification step (in points). Default is 40.
  • Max_level - maximum profit starting from Open price a trade hypothetically strives to reach (in points). This is not a Take Profit! Generally, this is the next strong price level (reversal or consolidation) defined on the financial instrument's daily chart. Default is 300.
  • m - multiplier. Training accounts = 10, real ones = 1.
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