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This is a fully automated grid trading EA based on the Bollinger Bands indicator.

It covers loss-making deals by profitable ones. Virtual take profit and stop loss are used.

It can be used on any currency pair, requires optimization for currency pairs used.

Recommended timeframe - М15.

The default settings are configured for EURUSD.

A live monitoring of the Colibri can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ildarvin/seller

Settings of the Expert Advisor

  • Fix Lot - initial lot
  • Auto lot - enable/disable fixed lot
  • Risk% - risk percent per trade
  • Min. Take Profit - minimal take profit in points
  • Stop Loss for first order - stop loss in points for the first order
  • StopLoss with % of drawdown - stop loss at the specified drawdown percentage
  • Magic Number - number for the EA to recognize its own positions
  • New Cycle - when enabled, the EA works non-stop, otherwise, the EA does not open new orders after a series of trades (enable/disable)
  • Grid step - step between orders
  • Next grid step order - the number of the trade after which grid step will be changed
  • Next grid step, pips - the step of the grid
  • Next grid step, multiplier - the number of the trade after which lot multiplier will be applied
  • Multiplier - lot multiplier for the second and subsequent orders
  • Use dynamic grid step - using dynamic grid sizing
  • Calculation of the first step by volatility - calculating step value based on the volatility
  • Amount of days for volatility calculation - the number of days used in the volatility calculation
  • Multiplier for the first step - calculation of step to open the first order in the grid
  • Overlap Order - enable/disable covering loss-making orders by the last one
  • Overlap order number - order, from which the coverage by the last order starts working
  • Overlap percent - profit percentage for order coverage
  • Put value of take-profit to breakeven - close deals when breakeven is reached
  • After what step to use the breakeven - after what deal closure upon breakeven should be applied
  • Maximum buy orders - the maximum number of long orders
  • Maximum sell orders - the maximum number of short orders
  • Bollinger Bands Period - indicator settings
  • Bollinger Bands Deviation - indicator settings
  • IndicatorUse - disable indicator signals
  • Friday deals close - closing trades on Friday
  • Friday EA stop hour - stopping the EA on Friday
  • Friday deals close - closing trades at the end of Friday. Trade without a grid is closed
  • Friday Stop Loss - stop loss to close trades on Friday
Eduardo Linares
Eduardo Linares 2018.06.14 05:17 

Best EA in the market. Excellent work.

Update 2018-06-13

Seller never responded to bug reported causing buy orders to close with no reason.

Milan Turis
Milan Turis 2017.11.23 08:02 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 3.0 2018.07.20
Completely redesigned the code. Changed the autolot. Added stop loss based on drawdown percentage.
Version 2.0 2018.01.30
Added covering of the unprofitable orders by the last order.
Version 1.1 2017.12.20
Fixed autolot. Added control buttons for convenience.