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Up and Down

Up&Down expert, trades by the market shifting principle. Therefore increasing chances of getting into trolling and get maximum profit out of market shifting in any direction. Up&Down expert has Martingales tools for speeding up the process of entering trolling, its coefficient factor can be altered or turned off completely. During Up&Down expert working process there's a total profit available for viewing out of all deals, and also there's a maximum and minimum profit objectives that can be set by a user. In addition, Up&Down expert has a trading timer, which can be set to begin automatic trade for a specific duration. There are also options for closing deals in case of unpredictable scenarios, applies to both buying and selling type of deals. At the top right corner of the graph window the number of deals shown that are available at the moment.

  • The output parameters

  • Take Profit - Maximum profit level
  • Trading Time - Turn on the time of not trading the advisor
  • Start Trading - Start of non-trading time
  • Stop Trading - End of time not trading
  • Step One - Step one of reaching the limit of opening deals, after the number of buy and sell deals is equal, step two is activated
  • Step Two - Step Two
  • Step Three - Step Three
  • Step Four - Step four
  • Trailing Flag - Trolling Mode
  • Trailing Start - The beginning of trolling is the minimum profit
  • Trailing Stop - Stop trolling
  • Martingale - Martingale Mode
  • Multiplication of a lot - Martingale multiplication factor
  • Lot Size Start - Initial size
  • Decimal Lot - Rounding lots to the sign
  • Magic Number - Personal number by which the advisor distinguishes its positions from others
  • Sleep Page - Slip page
  • Profit to close - This function allows you to set a net profit, upon reaching this amount, all transactions will be canceled and a new session will begin.

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