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Demiro is an EA which performs orders by assessing Bollinger Bands indicator and price action. The EA expects a price action when the price exceeds the Bollinger bands upper band or falls under the Bollinger bands lower band.

The EA can perform multiple orders. Only the first order is performed with the assessment of Bollinger bands indicator and price action. The following orders are performed according to the price movement differences only. When the current price is higher or lower then the first orders price, the EA performs a new order with the same lot size.

The orders do not have TakeProfit points. The EA has a profit forward. This is calculated via the Profit_Per_Lot parameter. The total lot number of all open orders is multiplied with the Profit_Per_Lot parameter. For example, if your chosen Profit _Per_Lot is 300, your total lot number in open orders will be multiplied by 300. This calculated number is your profit forward. When the account profit exceeds the profit forward, all open orders are shut down automatically.

Pairs and timeframes

The EA works on EURUSD M1.


  • MagicNumber - unique ID of orders
  • Profit_Per_Lot - profit expectancy of one lots order
  • Lot - lot size
  • Difference_Pip - new orders can open if the price difference is bigger than this parameter
  • Max_Position - maximum positions the EA can open
  • StopLoss - SL pips
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