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Ftap Robot Baucis

Robot Baucis is a well refined Expert Advisor. The EA is the MetaTrader 4 version clone of the robot in my Ftap system. I started developing my Ftap trading and back testing system, using C++, since early 2014. After near 3 years researching and hard work, now I'm running several robots on my real account. The EA Robot Baucis is the MetaTrader 4 version of my one robots, using the exactly same algorithm.


  • No martingale, no grid, no hedging, no scalping, no gambling, no scam.
  • No curve over fitting. Totally 470 parameter sets was optimized and more than 90% parameter sets are effective.
  • Supports 4 and 5 digits brokers.
  • Follows the FIFO rule if any.


  • Pairs - AUDCAD and NZDCAD.
  • Time frames - H1. The EA only uses bar close price. It doesn't use tick data.
  • Lots - 0.05~0.1 for 10K 50:1 account.
  • Trading time - all time. It will better if events are avoided, trading during events is like gambling.


  • Lots - the lot size of each trade. The EA uses fixed lots.
  • Range - the larger the range, the less trades are created. Usually the value is between 1.0 and 3.0.
  • Method - the method used to detect the entry and exit condition. There are total 7 methods. All methods behave similar but with slight difference.
  • PeriodA - the first look back period used by the methods. The value is between 3 and 120.
  • PeriodB - the second look back period used by the methods. The value is between 3 and 60.
  • FactorA - the factor value. The value is between 0.1 to 1. Most methods don't use it.
  • AuxilaryMethod - the minor method used to check for entry and exit condition.
  • AllowNewOrder - set to false to disable sending any new order.
  • MagicNumber - the magic number. You only need to change it if you run multiple EAs on same pair.
  • SlippagePips - maximum slippage in pips allowed in opening and closing trades.

How the EA works

  1. The EA buys when price is falling and sells when price is rising. So it's quite normal that you have float loss after trades opened. Be patient and don't worry.
  2. In case the trade goes in bad direction, the EA will open more trades with the same lot size. Usually the maximum number of open trade is no more than 10. Be sure you have enough margin for it.
  3. The EA holds trades from several hours to several days. The EA doesn't open trades every day, but most likely it opens trades every week.
  4. The EA doesn't use stop loss or take profit. Stop loss hurts the performance badly.
  5. I highly recommend you to run the EA on different pairs such as AUDCAD and NZDCAD to diversify the risk.

Kindly notes

  1. Please keep in mind that this EA can't make you rich in one night because it's not scam. Take it as serious investment business and grow your money slowly. You have to pay your time and take your risk on it. You get for what you pay.
  2. I myself am trading on my real account using the same algorithm, but my robot is written in C++.
  3. The EA is not holy grail. I'm not sure how long it will continue to be effective. But I will tweak and optimize to make it work as long as possible.
  4. All back testing were done since year 2010 to 2017. Someone may debate that more earlier data should be tested. But if the EA works for all historical data and also future data, then it's a holy grail, but we all agree there is no holy grail, right?
  5. The back testing results look not as perfect as many other EAs because my results are realistic, not over fitting, not scam.
  6. This strategy is currently the only effective one in my portfolio.
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