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Speedy Pairs

Speedy Pairs is a robot that open orders based on the acceleration of the price. The strategy is to wait for a certain number of pips is reached within a certain number of seconds, when this condition are met, then the order will be open.

Every order has its own tight stop loss, and the profit will be reached with trailing stop.

For the backtests shown below, I performed a small optimization of about 15 months (in 2012-2013 ca.), and then I launched the test from 2011 to 2017, with starting capital 1000, leverage 1:400 and lot size 0.1. The set files are available in the comment.


Lower spreads and fast execution are required.


  • Max_spread - if the spread is above the value, no orders will be open.
  • Max_slippage - max slippage allowed for open trade.
  • Lot - manual lot size.
  • SL - stop loss in pips.
  • TP - take profit in pips.
  • Tstop - distance of the stop loss in pips from the current price when it is in our favor.
  • Tstep - step in pips to follow the current price.
  • Tstart - distance in pips from opened order to enable the trailing stop.
  • Pips - amount of pips movement.
  • Wait - waiting time in seconds.
  • Max_orders - max number of opened orders.
  • Magic number - unique number to recognize orders.
Farooq Majoka
Farooq Majoka 2018.02.09 20:17 

Poor performance...continues bleeding bit by bit.Will update in a month.

Version 1.2 2018.02.13
Modified SL and TP for ECN account