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MacmyEA is a unique and fully automated Expert Advisor based on scalping at the end of the American and start of Pacific trading sessions when major market players close their positions and a short-term trend reversal occurs.

Unlike other EAs, MacmyEA:

  • It does not use "toxic" trading methods.
  • It uses fixed Stop Loss orders protecting your funds.

MacmyEA is protected by a system for trading during the high-impact news releases. To activate the news filter, allow WebRequest to the site: http://ec.forexprostools.com/

The Expert Advisor is designed for multicurrency operation in the MetaTrader 4 terminal, but it is recommended for trading EURUSD.

The actual configuration files monitoring of the system are available on the signal page: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/341018

Basic robot settings are meant for GMT+2 brokers! If your broker has a different time zone, make appropriate changes in the settings.

For reaching the best results, use ECN accounts with a low spread.


  • Comment - trade comment.
  • Maximum Spread - maximum spread.
  • Slippage - maximum slippage.
  • Magic Number - unique number for opened trades.
  • Virtual Stop Loss - activate the virtual stop loss.
  • TimeFrame - timeframe for trading.
  • Factor_1 - reversal filter #1 (the CCI indicator value).
  • Factor_2 - reversal filter #2 (the WPR indicator value).
  • Time Zone - time zone.
  • Max Orders - maximum number of trade opened at a time.
  • Orders Life Time - close trades after N minutes.
  • Breakeven Close Time - close trades in breakeven after N minutes.
  • Money Management Type - type of money management:
    • Fixed Lot - fixed lot.
    • Percent of Loss - percent of loss from balance per order.
    • Percent of Balance - percent of balance load.
  • News Filter - activate the news filter.
  • News Symbols - currency for the news filter.
Brendan Lu
2018.01.19 04:13 

Large loss wiped out all gains and more, risk control is BAD. Not recommended!!

Viorel Razvan Badin
2018.01.18 23:03 

I am usually using the scalper in the 15 min TF. In december that was one 1 trade every week or so. There a few good ones but despite my strict MM strategy the drawdown was really bad. I’ve tried everything, all the possible settings. I bought EvoNight as well. I hope it doesn’t become like Macmy. The developers support is really good. That is why I am giving 1 star.

2018.01.18 16:31 

Drawdown 40% in one night ,the worst scalper EA I ever meet!

2018.01.18 02:51 

Less than 1 month. the EA Fail twice..

2018.01.12 14:00 

Pourquoi il n'y a plus de trades depuis 3 semaines avec MacmyEA?

2017.12.05 13:18 

Хороший ночник. Месяц полёт нормальный. В связке с другим более чем хорошие результаты. Главное низкие спреды!

2017.12.01 15:02 

Works g0od so far. Small trades avg every second day but no losses on live account. This is the second good EA from Ivan besides Evo Night.

Jeferson Nickma
2017.11.11 17:37 

Good and stable Live results. Macmy is a Low risky system - it's a main for me. 5 stars!