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Headstrong Expert Advisor is a trend scalper that uses the standard indicators such as Bbands, RSI, ADX, and Moving Averages. It has been developed for trade on EURUSD and USDJPY on M5 time frame. The strategy is simple: open sell trade in overbought zone when the trend is down, and vice versa open buy trade in oversold zone when the trend is up. The closing of trade is done by Take profit (in pips) or by ADX+RSI (stop loss is deliberately higher).

Headstrong does not use dangerous strategies like martingale, grid, etc.

Works around the clock.


  • MMmode - if set to 0 fixed lot size is open, if set to 1 the lot size depend on Risk%.
  • Max_Lot - the max dimension of lot to trade.
  • Max_Spread - if the spread is above the value, no orders will be open.
  • Max_Slippage - max slippage allowed for open trade.
  • Fixed_Lot - lot size to trade.
  • Risk% LotSize (MMmode=1) - risk % of free margin to determine the lot size.
  • Stop_Loss - stop loss in pips.
  • Take_Profit - take profit in pips.
  • Fast_MA - value of the period to calculate Moving Average.
  • Fast_MA Method - method of fast MA.
  • Slow_MA - value of the period to calculate Moving Average.
  • Slow_MA Method - method of slow MA.
  • Dist - distance in pips between fast and slow Moving Averages
  • Max_Orders - max number of opened orders.
  • Trailing_Stop - distance between stop loss and the current price.
  • Trailing_Step - progress in pips of the stop loss.
  • Trailing_Start - how many pips gain before activating the trailing stop.
  • Magic number - unique number to recognize orders.
Wojciech Mtl
Wojciech Mtl 2017.11.21 08:24 

after first 3 weeks on real account - 3 stars

profitable only on EURUSD,


UPDATE:Reduced to 2 stars

After 5 weeks only EURUSD on very small profit - rest of pairs removed from chart.

Hellwian 2017.10.27 21:13 

The backtest result is good.

Now I use the EA on a live account.

Well done.

Version 1.3 2017.12.18
Was added a new features named "Dist", that allow to check the distance between the fast and the slow MA on H1 time frame
Version 1.2 2017.10.25
Added trailing stop function
Version 1.1 2017.10.12
Fixed a little bug that caused "OrderClose error 138" on Backtest