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Currency Index Watcher

Currency Index Watcher is a simple tool for those who want to trade Forex using currencies indexes.

Once the calculation is made, concrete opportunities are displayed & signaled.

Currency Index Watcher is configurable directly from the panel:

  • Indexes of 8 currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD, CAD, NZD - with the ability to select which indexes and made-of currencies will be analyzed
  • Selection of opportunities is made according to the following selection criteria:
    • Minimal threshold: minimal difference in points of indexes' variation, the higher it is the more accurate is the signal.
    • Position type: long, short or both.
    • Search among: 28 currencies or only opened chart.
    • When looking back for last: (W)eeks/(D)ays/(H)ours/(M)inutes, default is set to 24h.
    • MA (moving average's period): 0=off, to use prices' from a moving average and take benefit from smoothing rather than standard prices.
  • Signals:
    • Will be signaled & notified pairs for which the index's trend is strong enough to be considered, and pairs for which the index's trend is getting weak enough for prices to finally reverse:
      • As a entry signal: pairs for which index's trend becomes superior to ...: default is set to 5
      • As an exit signal: pairs for which index's trend becomes inferior to ...: default is set to 3
    • Clear buffer button: clear the signal list
    • Sound notification: enable sound notification
    • Graphics: there's 3 types of graphics you'll meet in CIW ...
      • Selected indexes compared as an histogram: gives an overview of the whole forex market
      • Specific index's historical data over the chosen period: a currency is trending, by displaying this graphic, you can read if it's trending and accelerating or trending and slowing down.
      • Specific pair's trend index data over the chosen period: this is a custom value, which represents the force of the actual trend.

Currency Index Watcher is timeframe independent and needs to be applied only on 1 chart but at least an interval of 24h are recommended to rely on this strategy.

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Version 1.55 2018.09.25
- Added a textbox under the currencies list to be used a selector
* EUR ===> will show all pairs with EUR
* EUR<space>USD<space>etc... ===> will show all pairs with EUR & all pairs with USD etc ...
* EURUSD ===> will show the pair EURUSD
* <blank> ===> bring back all pairs
Version 1.5 2018.09.03
- Datas gathering algorithm improved with optimal loading delays
- Datas quality indicated, calculations now performed only when data's integrity full
Version 1.4 2018.07.18
- First click on a pair's name adds its curve to a chart, second click remove pair's curve from the chart.
- Autoscaling chart units depending on the timeframe used to reduce computing delays on higher timeframes :
* <=24h: minute per minute
* >24h && <1week: hour per hour
* >=1week: day by day
- Added a scope feature when a pair from the list is clicked: multi-timeframe analysis (cf. explicative scheme in the Comments section of the product)
- Notifications:
* it's no longer an alarm sound, it's now a discreet beep sound
* notifications messages are now more explicit
- Demo: to ease testing recalculation is made each 2 minutes instead of 30s
Version 1.3 2018.02.12
- New graphical interface using a custom library testable from the tester
- Code optimization to speed up data gathering & reduce memory usage
- Ability to choose which of the 8 indexes and their pairs will be computed
- New notification system using range made of an entry and an exit rather than a fix threshold
- Implementation of graphics (all indexes, by index, by pairs)
Version 1.2 2017.12.25
- Signal box: when the signal enters in the opportunities list & when it exits from that list
* Notifications (sound)
* Clear button
- Speed up data gathering routine
- Possible to use a MA rather than prices for index calculation
- Timeframe independent (week, day, hour, minute)
Version 1.1 2017.11.21
- Interface redesigned
* Added: criteria allowing to be more selective
* Search by threshold
* Search by position type (long/short)
* Search by currency (opened chart/the whole set)