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Multi MA

Multi MA is a multicurrency Expert Advisor based on moving averages crossing.

The EA does not use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitrage, etc.

It uses a trading algorithm based on moving averages crossing to analyze the market conditions. Three moving averages with different periods are used to receive a signal.

The period (MA_Period) of one of the moving averages can be changed but cannot be less than 11 or exceed 50. Decreasing the period leads to more aggressive market entry, while increasing it makes trading more conservative. Upon receipt of the signal, a pending order is opened. Stop Loss and Take Profit can be set by you. Recommended minimum Stop Loss/Take Profit ratio - 1/3.

Trades are closed upon reaching stop levels.

After selecting a pair, you can optimize the inputs and leave the EA to trade. Recommended timeframe - H1.

Risk management is a key concept in Forex trading. The EA allows you to select the risk % per trade. The robot automatically determines the lot size.

  • Conservative approach – not more than 2% of risk.
  • Aggressive approach – 2-5%.
  • Extremely aggressive – more than 5%.

Do not forget to leave your feedback and comments. It helps me improve the EA.

The default settings are optimized for GBPJPY H1.


  • Take Profit - take profit;
  • Stop Loss - stop loss;
  • MA_Period - period of one of the moving averages. It cannot be less than 11 or more than 50;
  • Lots - lot size;
  • RiskManagement=False - all trades are opened with a fixed lot specified in the Lots parameter;
  • RiskManagement=True - lot increases when the AccountFreeMargin increases according to the selected risk management %;
  • Percentage risk management - risk management %;
  • MagicNumber= 5 - unique EA magic number.
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