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EA Creator

Please refer to my blog from here to see latest updates on the EA or my other EAs

  • EA Creator enables you to create your own strategy just by simple clicks with unlimited options by easily combining different indicators with already built-in strategies.
  • Once you reach your very own strategy you can convert it to a complete EA full of options (TP, SL, modified martingale, hedging, trailing stop and break-even) without any experience in programming.
  • EA Creator is the tool for anyone who got a brilliant idea or strategy that believed it would work but he didn't try it because it would take a lot of time and couldn't program an EA to test it.
  • The idea about programming is imagining how accurate you can get if you combine signals from different indicators with different settings and time-frames at the same time. For example: you will buy when Stochastic, RSI, CCI all of them with different time-frames give you the buy signal at the same time.
  • All you have to do is to choose your desired indicators, enable them in the settings, edit their settings and time-frames to suit your requirements, edit the common EA settings (like TP, SL, martingale, etc.) and you have your own EA! Start to change settings, try different combinations of indicators and time-frames - you literally have unlimited options. None to blame now, it's up to you.


  • EA Creator contains 10 of the most popular indicators fully modifiable so you can change each setting of the indicator just by a click and not just that but you will get also 6 sets of each indicator so you can combine different setting for each indicator and even on different time-frames.
  • Each indicator has been already embedded with tested and approved strategy and all these strategies are explained in the full guide from here. The Indicators are: Candle patterns, Stochastic, MACD (with 2 different strategies), Moving Averages (Trending & Crossing), RSI, ADX, CCi, Parabolic SAR and Bollinger Bands.

News Filter

  • You can choose for how many minutes you will disable the pairs and on which type of news (High, Med, Low or NFP), the EA can also draw lines on the chart to indicate that and will notify you on screen prior to news.
  • Allow web request in terminal for http://www.dailyfx.com/ and http://ec.forexprostools.com/.
  • See the guide here to learn how to setup the magic number as it requires specific order.
  • Examples of already built strategies along with set files will be found in the first comment.
  • If you need a ready strategy then this utility isn't for you and you can take a look at my other EAs.


Note: This is just a brief illustration, the complete list along with more explanation will be found in the Full Guide.

  • Common EA Settings:
    • AutoLot: Auto calculating lot size
    • Risk: How much can you afford to lose in each trade
    • Decimals: the number of decimal places in lot size
    • Trailing Level: defines how much distance the stop will be from the current price
    • Trailing Activation: defines on what level should the trailing start
    • BreakEven Level: define how many pips in profit to lock off
    • BreakEven Activation: define on what level should that start
    • Hedging: allow to have buy and sell trades in same pair (not the usual Hedging)
  • Martingale Settings
    • Losing to open: after how many losing pips, the EA will start to look for a signal to open a trade
    • Lots Multiplier: The number will be multiplied in the last lot opened
  • News filter
    • Source News: Investing.com or dailyfx.com
    • Low-Med-High-NFP News: Enable or disable a specific type of news
    • Suspend before low-med-high-NFP: How many minutes the EA will be disabled before the release
    • Suspend after low-med-high-NFP: minutes to be disabled after the release
    • Draw News Lines: Draw the news as lines on the chart
  • Other Settings
    • Comment: Type your own comment
    • Display Corner: Right or Left
    • Trading Start Time
    • Trading Stop Time
  • Indicators: each indicator has an enabling button, timeframes' settings and specific setting for the indicator itself explained in the Guide
    • Candle Pattern.
    • Stochastic Settings (6 sets).
    • MACD Settings (3 sets).
    • Trending Moving Averages.
    • Crossing Moving Averages (6 sets).
    • RSI Settings (6 sets).
    • ADX Settings (6 sets).
    • CCI (6 sets).
    • SAR Parabolic (6 sets).
    • Bollinger Bands Settings (6 sets).
Diego Arroyo
2018.03.27 14:42 

La ea me funciona bien con mi estrategia, de hecho tiene muchos aciertos, pero es dificil predecir cuando hay noticias financieras. asi que de momento no la recomiendo, hasta la nueva actualizacion, con filtro de noticias.

En cuanto actualicen y le pongan un filtro de noticias, le dare 5 estrellas

Actualización versión 2.5

Ahora si esta funcionando al 100%, todo es cuestión de ser un poco estrictos y estar fuera de las noticias fundamentales, pronto compartiré una cuenta real con esta ea. En cuanto al soporte Mohamed es excelente y responde rápido a tus dudas.

Actualizacion versión 2.6, versión más estable, luego de probar muchas estrategias en tiempo real (11 en total) me quede con un sistema de dos estrategias con 34 pares de divisas. Les comparto mi señal para que vean los resultados hasta el momento https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/408844 . Sencillamente magnifico. Les recomiendo este robot al 100%.

Jesús Torres
2017.11.12 16:28 

EA very interesting, you can do hundreds of different strategies.

I have not yet used it in depth and some option is missing but according to the programmer will be incorporated.


the EA is quite difficult to handle, you have the doubt of which indicator buys, which sells. The documentation is excasa. The programmer answers but does not clarify things well and continues to refuse to provide better documentation.

It's incredibly SLOW, very slow, the slowest I've seen, a single pass of more than 1 year is 45 minutes, imagine making a backstep of more than 1000 passes, are days and days.

So under my qualification at the minimum, it is not recommended for almost anyone this EA. So many things you have, that later you do not know how they interact with each other and if you do not know how to manage your ea and backtest faster, it becomes useless.

I give it a 4 stars, and in a couple of months I will update my assessment according to the results.

Missing an EA like this in Mql

The only drawback I see for now is that the optimization times are very slow, very very slow, but has promised to find a solution.

Version 2.7 - 2018.04.26
1. Added 3 more trend moving averages
2. Fixed trailing and breakeven bugs
3. Fixed martingale comments problem
Version 2.6 - 2018.03.08
1. Added two more sets of Trending Moving Averages.
2. Fixed the bug that makes error message stuck at the upper left corner.
3. Fixed the bug that makes News filter error message keeps popping up.
4. Improved the performance of Max Spread Function.
Version 2.5 - 2018.01.26
1. News Filter Added
2. Trending Moving Average Added
Version 2.1 - 2017.11.30
[*] Fixed Max Spread issue regarding JPY Pairs
[*] Fixed Martingale Lot size calculations for sell orders
Version 2.0 - 2017.11.16
* Time Filter Added
* Auto Lot Function Added
* Candle Pattern Added
* Max Slippage Added
* Max Spread Added
* "No more than 1 trade per candle" option Added