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ARC Core

ARC Core is a semi-automated tool for Forex pairs. It designed to facilitate working with correlated currencies. User can handle multiple pairs in one click from the chart.

A user can make pairs selection from input area and just need to click chart buttons to start opening orders on correlated pairs. The EA will handle the rest of the work. It has all the required functions which can help in working with correlated pairs and in exiting the market.

Watch the Video below to learn all functions.

Input Parameters

  • Lots - lot size.
  • TakeProfit - in pips.
  • StopLoss - in pips.
  • LockSingleProfit - if false it's disabled.
  • Single Profit($) - single pair profit (account currency).
  • Lock Pair-s Profit($) - if false it's disabled.
  • Pair+s profit($) - all pair profit (account currency).
  • Pair-s Profit(Pips) - if false it's disabled.
  • Lock Pair-s(Pips) - all pair profit (in pips).
  • Use Close@Loss($) - if false it's disabled.
  • Close@Loss($) - close orders on all pairs at loss (account currency).
  • Auto SL - if true it will change SL of orders on all pairs.
  • Auto TP - if true it will change TP of orders on all pairs.
  • AlertAll - if true it will use sound for notifications.
  • Sound for Desktop - sound can be changed.
  • LossAlert - alert at specific loss (account currency).
  • ProfitAlert - alert at specific profit (account currency).
  • Price Near to TP/SL(Pips) - alert before specific pips.
  • NameRecord - it will record maximum profit/loss.
  • UseMagicNumber - if true it will add unique id in all trades.
  • MagicNumber - unique id for EA trades.
  • Pair - enter pair name.
  • TypePair - select Sell or Buy.

Chart Buttons

  • Trade - it will start trade on all pairs.
  • Inverse - it will start trade on all pairs in inverse.
  • Close - it will close all trades.
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