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Gold Long Term Trend

Gold long-term trend system is an efficient mechanical trading strategy. It refers to the trading approach that trails the long-term trend by modifying a stop loss. It works on GOLD H4. The minimum deposit is $1,000, recommended more than $10,000.


  • No grid, no martingale.
  • No pending orders are placed: only market orders.
  • Every order has a stop loss.


  • AllowBuy - allow buy position.
  • AllowSell - allow sell position.
  • EquityDrawdownMax - allowed maximum equity drawdown according to the backtest results of history, lots will be calculated by this parameter.
  • WithDraw - TesterWithdrawal function for backtest.
  • OrderTypeFilling - ORDER_FILLING_FOK (order can be filled only in the specified amount) or ORDER_FILLING_IOC (execute a deal with the volume maximally available in the market within that indicated in the order).
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