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Simplified trend catching EA

With this EA I try to identify and catch an existing trend. A trade decision is supported by a multi-layer identification mechanism mainly composed of moving averages. I also use technical tools like MACD and ADX to help telling directions and probabilities under complex circumstances. All positions start with an initial stop loss; a tight trailing stop loss is used and is updated from time to time to protect pips in bag.

If the trend the EA chose losses its driving power, or the EA is unlucky enough to be caught at the end of a trend, you will see one or more losing trade(s). Losing trades are part of this trading system; I try my best to get more pips in winning trades so those losing trades with limited loss will be offset. In total, we still have reasons to expect positive output (of course, this is not guaranteed).


  • designed for XAUUSD H1, not recommended for other pairs / time frames
  • will trade one order (one long or one short) each time with fixed lots
  • please expect 13 trades in 30 calendar days
  • earned 8% each month in average in back test during 2015.1~2016.9 (maximum draw down <30%)
  • support back test
  • tested and optimized on XAUUSD H1 2015.1~2016.9; logic and parameters stay unchanged since 2016.10
  • performance during 2016.10~2017.8 is similar to performance of back test during 2015.1~2016.9 -- means it kept working well


  • lots: suggested lots is 0.7 lots per 10K fund (max. draw down <30%)
  • order_space_minutes: minimum space between orders of same direction
  • SL_ma: moving average period; you are encouraged to use default value
  • SL_pips: default value is 25 (example: a buy order's SL will be SMA(11)-2.5; you may use 27~30 if your broker uses floating spread
  • do_monthly_summary: you may turn this on when you back test this EA. Under that circumstance it will generate a text file under \tester\files folder. You do not need to turn this on when you are running it on your account.


Attached screenshots are back test results and reports. They are not real-time running results.

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