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ISEEAutoTrade is a fully automated Expert Advisor, which does not require additional configuration.

It is based on the trading experience of three traders and using common experience with indicators.

With the built-in deposit protection, it does not use more than one percent of the deposit for opening trades.

It is based on five indicators refined by personal experience.

It features a system of protection against indicator contradictions. In case they disagree, the EA automatically closes the trades.

The EA is fully tested on a real account, no curve fitting was performed.


  • Stop Out - set at the level of 15% of the deposit.
  • Amount for a new position - open new positions with a lot size equal to 1% of the deposit.
  • Maximum position amount - the maximum lot size in positions is 20.
  • Amount to add on addition - increase the lot size of consecutive positions by 1% during profitable movements.
  • Amount to close on reduction - decrease the lot size of positions by 1% when trades are closed at a loss.
  • Martingale Multiplier - martingale multiplier, disabled by default.
  • Expert Magic Number - magic number to distinguish the EA's trades from other trades.
  • Custom order comment - custom comments.


  1. Currency pair: EUR/USD.
  2. Timeframe: М30.
  3. Five decimal places in the broker's quotes.
  4. Direct and permanent Internet connection.
  5. The computer must be always running during the EA operation.


Do not change the settings.

The settings are universal.

Manual changes will make it inoperable.

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