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Money Hunter

Money Hunter is an exciting Expert Advisor. It works like a hunter to catch trading chance in forex market. M1 timeframe has the best return.

You will get unimaginable result, if you select M1 and 1:500 leverage, the default parameter in backtesting. You may obtain different results with different broker's MetaTrader 5 Tester, because they are not the same.

If you run it on a real account, you should not expect such a high return. The smaller time delay, the better it works, although it is not a high-frequency Expert Advisor.

--- I m sorry that I find problems in this EA now. I hope you use it in history test, but not in real trading.


  • MaximumRisk: 0.1618. It is the same meaning in MQL5 MA samples. You can adjust it to your experience.
  • OpenSensitivity: 3.14 (3 ~ 8). The lower the value, the easier it is to open a position, however, the risks are increased in that case. The higher the value, the harder it is to open a position, though it may be more profitable.

You should adjust it with different currency according to your experience.

The source code can be sold separately.

Cayetano Martin Fernandez
Cayetano Martin Fernandez 2018.04.02 19:59   

Una autentica decepcion..en cuenta demo perdio el 94% de los traders en una semana y el 20% del capital. Excelentes resultados en backtesting pero ya en demo con spead reales una basura. e pongo una estrella- Un CERO total.