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Impro Martin

This Impro Martin is an enhanced Expert Advisor (EA) based on Martingale’s strategy. Instead of using a clear admittance signal, it uses random admittance , and deals with the subsequent orders according to the status of the first order. It had in-depth optimization of risk management and lots dispose to reduce transaction risk. At the same time, this product also has the functions of Trailing Stop Loss (the gained profit is protected from any lost, so as to maintain the growth of profit) and Fixed Stop Loss (the stop value allowed by each order).

Use suggestion

  • This EA is ideal for cross currency pairs, such as AUDCHFAUDNZD. For different currency pairs, the values of the parameter StepDist differ. Such as EURUSD, GBPUSD would have larger StepDist values due to their larger point values.
  • The advantage of this EA is to fluctuate trading, so there is a very unilateral market trend is very strong, may not be easy to use; You have two options: or stop to wait for the opportunity, either set the TrailStart value and the TrailStep value to a relatively small value.
  • Although EAs can work on their own, they still need to be taken care of. Occasionally you need to observe the results, probably once every three days, which is not too frequent.


  • StepDist - Step between the current price and the price of the pending order.
  • FirstLot - FirstLot (position + pending orders = 0).
  • IncLot - IncLot (position + pending orders > 0).
  • TrailStart - Start trailing points(Profit>0,if TralStart+TralStep>0,TralStart is the profits of get ).
  • TrailStep - Trail-length step in points.(Mobile profit)
  • StopLoss_ - Trailing Stop-loss in points.
  • SL - Fixed stop-loss.
  • Deviation_ - Max. Price deviation in points.
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