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FORTS Helper

FORTS Helper helps in working on the derivatives market (FORTS) and allows avoiding unnecessary stress and losses. Using notifications about future events, you will not be left with a position you cannot close due to inactive market and you will now receive a margin call due to unexpected increase in the collateral.


  • Calculates collateral for a position of the specified volume (in FORTS, collateral may differ by ±50% from the initial value);
  • Warns in advance about a possible suspension of trading and increase of collateral, caused by reaching the price limit. The exchange warns about this only when the limit price has already been reached and there is no time for thinking;
  • Warn you about the upcoming end of the trading session;

Features of working in the simulator

The MetaTrader 5 simulator does not provide the historical data necessary for the indicator operation. Therefore, in the simulation mode:

  • the display of limits and calculation of collateral are shown approximately, and do not reflect what happened in the past with 100% accuracy;
  • expansion of limits and growth of collateral do not occur in the simulator.

Trading sessions Schedule

Set the time before a trading session ends to receive warnings.

When the completion is near, a sound signal is played every 30 seconds. To prevent the signal from interfering, click the shutdown button.

The dotted vertical line on the charts warns that the session is nearing completion. A thick solid line indicates the end time of the session. If the timeframe is greater than H1, the lines are not displayed.

Monitoring of the trading limits

The upper and lower price limits are set in FORTS. Once the limit is reached, trading is suspended, limits are extended and the requirements for the collateral are raised (up to +100%). Once the trading is resumed, the price usually makes a sudden movement towards the extended limit.

For example, on 1.06.2017 trades of futures contracts on ordinary shares of OJSC Surgutneftegas (SNGR-6.17) were stopped to expand the limits at 10:44, that is, 44 minutes after the trading started.

FORTS Helper notifies you in the "Alerts" window and on your mobile device that 70% (configurable) of the limit has been reached.

Calculation of collateral

On FORTS, collateral for one contract can be from 50% to 150% of the initial margin, published on the website of the exchange and shown in the terminal.

When the price rises: buy collateral rises, sell collateral falls. When the price falls: buy collateral falls, sell collateral rises.

Collateral rises when the potential loss rises, which is determined by the distance to the limit (upper or lower), where the loss will occur. For example, when buying, the possible loss is determined by the distance to the lower limit; therefore, the collateral will grow as the price grows.

When the collateral is less than 100%, keep in mind that the collateral will be 100% again after clearing.

For calculation, enter the position volume in the "Number of contracts" field. To calculate the collateral for sell, enter a negative number (for example, "-5").


  • Ending Alarm (Minutes) - the time before a trade session ends to send alerts (in minutes, fractional values are allowed).
  • Sound Period (Minutes) - period of the sound signal (in minutes, fractional values are allowed).
  • Limit Alarm (%) - the distance the price passed until the limit, where notifications are sent (in percent).
  • Market Time Offset (Hours) - time offset relative to the exchange (in hours, fractional values are allowed).
    • Must be specified, if your time zone is different from Moscow time. For example, for GMT+10 set a value of "7"
    • For a correct operation on the "MetaQuotes-Demo" server, it is necessary to set "0.25" (for the Moscow time zone).
    • During the backtests, it is necessary to set the value "0", regardless of the server and time zone.


  • The indicator can not replace the information published and circulated by the exchange.
  • The trading schedule can be changed by the exchange
  • It is dangerous to use accounts with collateral close to 100%.
  • The indicator does not analyze the account balance and positions. The calculated collateral can be used for determining the funds required to open a position, if there are no open positions.

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