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The Fractalist scalping Expert Advisor works using pending orders with the specified stop loss and take profit, which are set at the fractal levels selected using filters.

For maximum results, it is recommended to use ECN accounts with a tight spread and fast order execution, fast VPS, and also a rebate service.


  • simple settings
  • for any currency pairs
  • protection against spread widening
  • virtual stop loss and take profit
  • trailing stop
  • split system - closing a profitable order in parts
  • money management system with full risk control
  • minimal drawdown
  • does not use high-risk strategies, such as martingale, grid, hedging, etc.

Input parameters

  • MagicId — the unique ID of the Expert Advisor.
  • RangePeriod — timeframe for identification of fractals.
  • RangeMinSize — minimum allowed distance between the opposite fractals for placing orders.
  • ColdStart — instant placement (true) of pending orders at the EA start or restart, waiting for the opening time (false).
  • HS, MS — time (hours and minus) to place pending orders.
  • HE, ME — time (hours and minus) to delete pending orders or close open orders.
  • MaxLot — maximum lot of one order.
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread for placing orders.
  • SpreadChecking - if enabled (true), spread is checked every tick. In case the value of MaxSpread is exceeded, the orders are deleted; once the spread reduces to allowable values, the orders are placed again.
  • Virtual - if enabled (true), the stop loss and take profit levels are not sent to the broker, but controlled by the EA.
  • LotType — lot selection mode.
    • LotManual — order lot is equal to MainLot.
    • LotRisk — lot is calculated based on the risk level FactorRisk.
    • LotAuto — lot depends on the account equity and FactorAuto.
  • MainLot — order lot value (for the LotManual mode).
  • FactorRisk — maximum allowable loss per order, % of AccountEquity (works in the LotRisk mode).
  • FactorAuto — AccountEquity per MainLot ((works in the LotAuto mode).
  • Takeprofit — take profit in pips.
  • Stoploss — stop loss in pips.
  • Trailing — enable (true) or disable (false) the trailing stop function.
  • TrailStart — number of pips from the order open price to activate trailing stop.
  • TrailStop — maximum number of pips from the price to the stop loss level in trailing stop.
  • Split - enable (true) or disable (false) the split mode - partial closure of orders in the amount of SplitLot every SplitStep pips;
  • SplitStart - the number of pips from the order open price to activate the split mode.
  • SplitStep - step of the split mode;
  • SplitLot - percentage of the remaining order volume closed at each step.
  • ShiftUp - shift order placing relative to the upper channel border (>0 means above the border, <0 means below the border), in pips.
  • ShiftDn - shift order placing relative to the lower channel border (>0 means below the border, <0 means above the border), in pips.
  • ShowInfo — show (true) or hide (false) the information panel (it is advisable to disable the panel during testing and optimization).
  • InfoFontColor, InfoFontSize — the color and size of the text shown on the info panel.

The default settings are for GBPUSD H1.

All products are available here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/quattordici/seller

2017.09.23 07:15 

very good on xauusd if we meet broker with low spread on it.

Update:only 3 stars since the trade is relatively rare