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The Expert Advisor is based on a strategy that is built using the Bollinger Bands indicator. Based on the price position for each of the Bollinger Bands, corresponding micro-trends are constructed with certain extremes (maximum/minimum). Entry into the position, trailing and closing of the position are regulated by the conditions for changing directions above the indicated micro-trends and updating their extremes. In addition, after entering the position, fixed "stop loss" and "take profit" levels are established. The EA features the elementary money-management. Trade is conducted only by a fixed lot (specified in the EA's settings). At the same time, only one position can be opened.


  • Position_Volume - volume (number of lots) to open a position.

The system is fully configured and optimized for trading on AUDUSD M15. It is strongly recommended to use only this symbol and period!

Below are screenshots of the results of the EA's work on the chart and the tests of the EA for the period: January 2013 - July 2017.
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Version 708.310 2017.09.06
Fixed automatic detection of the time zone of the trading server.
Version 708.280 2017.08.30
Fixed a bug that occurs when there is no history in the tester.
Version 708.160 2017.08.22
Improved module for maintaining open trades (trailing on conditions).