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Zigi Expert Advisor automatically opens BUY or SELL positions depending on the signals of three ZigZag indicators.

The trading volume used for opening positions depends on the deposit. It is possible to limit the maximum risk size in % of the deposit.

A new position is opened after closing positions by Take Profit or Stop Loss if there is a signal from ZigZag indicator.

The Expert Advisor parameters (except for indicators' ones) can be changed via its interface without the need to disable the trading robot (see Screenshots).

Recommended chart period - 15 minutes. 

The Expert Advisor works both with four- and five-digit quotes.


  • Volume_PRC - position volume as a % of the current balance;
  • Risk_PRC - risk level as a % of the balance. When this level is reached, the Expert Advisor closes a position and stops;
  • TimeFrames - chart period (the default value is 15 min);
  • ZZ_x_Depth - ZigZag indicator depth;
  • ZZ_x_Deviat - ZigZag indicator deviation;
  • ZZ_x_Backstep - ZigZag indicator delay;
  • where x is ZigZag indicator index;
  • TakeProfit_PIP - TakeProfit level in points for fixing the profit;
  • BRK_On - activating the function of moving a position to a break-even point (after Breakeven level is reached);
  • TRS_On - activating Trailing stop function with Breakeven level;
  • Breakeven - setting the level of moving a deal to a break-even point and tracking for Trailing stop function (in points);
  • Inversion - indicator signal inversion (in case the indicator Highs are broken through upwards: false - BUY; true - SELL);

If you have any questions, please send them to ms83mab@mail.ru.

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