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Escape EA

The Escape trading system is based on the breakout of a dynamic price range. Input parameters allow you to track almost any trade channels on different periods. The Expert Advisor can be used as a scalper and for trading based on levels.

To open deals, the EA sets pending orders at the channel borders at the specified time. Each of the orders has a preset take profit and is protected by a stop loss. If the price has broken the channel border before the time of order placing, no order will be placed in this direction.


  • simple settings
  • any currency pairs
  • protection against spread widening
  • virtual stop loss and take profit
  • trailing stop
  • split system - closing of a profitable order in parts
  • money management with full risk control
  • minimum drawdown
  • no high-risk strategies (martingale, grid, hedging, etc.) are used

For maximum results in the scalping mode, it is recommended to use ECN accounts with a tight spread and fast order execution, fast VPS and also a rebate service.


  • MagicId — unique ID of the Expert Advisor.
  • RangePeriod — timeframe for determining the channel size (upper and lower level);
  • RangeSize — channel size (number of RangePeriod periods);
  • RangeMax, RangeMin — maximum and minimum range size available, pips;
  • ControlPeriod — timeframe for time control (<= RangePeriod);
  • ColdStart — instant placing (true) of pending orders at the EA start or re-start, waiting for the opening time (false);
  • HS, MS — time (hours and minus) to place pending orders;
  • HE, ME — time (hours and minus) to delete pending orders or close open orders;
  • MaxLot — maximum lot of one order;
  • MaxSpread — maximum available spread for placing an order;
  • SpreadChecking — check spread at each tick. If MaxSpread is exceeded, the orders are removed. When the spread is reduced to allowable values, they are placed again;
  • Virtual — if true, stop loss and take profit are managed by the EA with no need to place physically;
  • LotType — lot selection mode.
    • LotManual — order lot is equal to MainLot.
    • LotRisk — lot is calculated based on the risk level FactorRisk.
    • LotAuto — lot depends on the account equity and FactorAuto.
  • MainLot — order lot value (for the LotManual mode).
  • FactorRisk — maximum allowable loss per order, % of AccountEquity (in LotRisk mode);
  • FactorAuto — AccountEquity per each MainLot (in LotAuto mode);
  • Unit — choose units for Stoploss and Takeprofit:
    • Pips — pips;
    • Percent — % of the channel range (for Buy Stop orders: 0% is the lower channel borders, 100% is the upper border; opposite for Sell Stop orders).
  • Takeprofit — take profit in pips;
  • Stoploss — stop loss in pips;
  • Trailing — enable/disable trailing stop mode;
  • TrailStart — number of pips from the order open price to activate trailing stop;
  • TrailStop — maximum number of pips from the price to the stop loss level in trailing stop;
  • Split — enable/disable split mode — partial closing of a SplitLot order every SplitStep pips;
  • SplitStart — number of pips from the order open price to activate the split mode;
  • SplitStep — split mode step, pips;
  • SplitLot — % of the remaining volume of an order closed at each step;
  • ShiftUp — shift order placing relative to the upper channel border (>0 means above the border, <0 means below the border), pips;
  • ShiftDn — shift order placing relative to the lower channel border (>0 means below the border, <0 means above the border), pips;
  • ShowInfo — show (true) or hide (false) the information panel (it is advisable to disable the panel during testing and optimization);
  • InfoFontColor, InfoFontSize — color and size of the text shown on the info panel;
  • ShowRange — enable (true) or disable (false) the visual display of the channel and Fibonacci levels (it is advisable to disable during testing and optimization);
  • RangeColor — color of the channel and Fibonacci levels.

All products are available here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/quattordici/seller

Aleksandr Lepeshov
2017.07.26 16:32 

Отличный советник. Определяет диапазон по которому ходит пара и раскидывает ордера на прорыв диапазона. Очень интересными получились настройки под скальпер - небольшой TrailStart с нулевым отступом. По результатам тестов на демке запустил на реальном счете

Version 2.0 - 2017.08.22
protection against spread widening;
virtual stop loss and take profit;
split mode - closing a profitable order in parts.

RangeMax, RangeMin - maximum and minimum range width.

auto closing of active orders when changing a period and at EndTime.

Optimized the EA code.