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Ryan Jones

RJ Expert Advisor is based on Ryan Johns' ideas on trading and money management. It enters the market on rollbacks along a detected trend. Parameters:

Any timeframe. Takes into account 3 and 5 digit precision. A dollar or cent account.

I recommend trading majors, however there are no limitations.


  • delta - used in MM algorithm, 500 on default.
  • protected_fraction - protected percentage of the deposit, 0.5 on default.

If it falls below the specified value, MM will be turned off and the minimum allowed lot will be used. If it rises back, the MM will be enabled.

  • x - number of bars for trend detection, 21 on default.
  • y - number of bars for rollback detection, 4 on default.

х and у can have any value.

  • user_lot - user lot. I recommend 0.1 for every 3000 - 4000 money units on the account. Or 0.01 for every 300 - 400, but it's up to you.
  • stop_loss - stop loss level.
  • ma_method - moving average type (0 to 3).
  • trail_stop - trailing stop level.
  • ts_step - trailing stop step.
  • take - take profit. 
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