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FCopy is designed to copy trades between MT4 accounts. It is easy to use.

Attention: The program runs locally on PC or Windows VPS. This version does not run on a virtual terminal.

Demo version at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/24791


  • MODE: MASTER: source for copying, SLAVE: destination for copying.
  • CopyFromAccounts: use ";" for each Master account number.
  • VolumeCorrelation: used to calculate the volume of order which will be copied. This volume = Slave's Balance/ Master's Balance * Master's Volume*VolumeCorrelation. Example: Master account is $2000, trade volume is 0.2 lot, Slave account is $1000 and VolumeCorrelation is 1.0. Then Slave's trade volume is 0.1 lot. Note: VolumeCorrelation must not be greater than 3.0 to protect Slave account from high drawdown.
  • FixedVolume: All copied orders will have the same volume specified in FixedVolume, in spite of the VolumeCorrelation.
  • NotCopyLowEquity: if Slave's equity is lower than NotCopyLowEquity, it will stop copying to destination account.
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