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Stable EA that gets high-possibility trades at H1 chart and works well with EURUSD.

  • Product trades with fixed lot, no martingale or gridding.
  • In case of disconnection, EA automatically checks open orders and takes them into account.
  • This is a mid-term EA, trades may take from 1 hour to several days.
  • Strategy principles rely completely on technical analysis.
  • Optimization of parameters shows profitable results in almost all cases.
  • Initial deposit may be as low as 100$ for 0.01 lot.

It is recommended to use this EA for long term deposits. Expected income is +15-25% per month (+200-300% in a year) using fixed lot. Drawdown in that case does not exceed 15%!
It's up to you to get risky and increase lot size.


  • Lot - lot size (always fixed). If AdaptiveLot = true, the Lot equals minimum amount of lot size.
  • Ctrl - controlling value for Oscillators (recommended value: 50 to 85); 
  • Prd - base period for Oscillators (recommended value: 8 to 25);
  • Dev - controlling Deviation (recommended value: -20 to 20);
  • A_Prd - base period for Controlling MAs (recommended value: 20 to 100); 
  • B_Prd - base period for Bollinger Bands (recommended value: 20 to 50); 
  • AdaptiveLot - lot size will be calculated from account balance.
  • Risk - if AdaptiveLot = true, risk multiplies lot size (recommended value: 20 to 4).
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Version 1.2 - 2014.02.24
Optimized. Improved stability.
Version 1.1 - 2013.12.23
Fixed AdaptiveLot mode. Was always enabled.