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Trade panel for MT4 Demo

This multifunctional panel is designed for comfortable and fast trading in the financial markets. It is equipped with functions for opening, closing and managing orders and positions, as well as various information and notification functions.

The main features and capabilities of the utility:

  • simple and intuitive interface
  • three methods to calculate the lot size of the opened orders
  • placing virtual orders
  • position reversal
  • trailing stop
  • automatic transfer of SL to breakeven
  • automatic and manual partial closure of positions
  • notifications when touching the trend line
  • notification by time
  • spread information panel
  • automatic and manual screenshots


  • Trade - consists of two tabs - open and close. The open tab is intended for opening orders and positions. When opening, you can accurately calculate the lot and SL/TP levels according to the specified risk using the tools of the panel. The close tab is intended for closing orders and positions by type, as well as partial closure of positions. Here, the panel shows the amount of profit of each position type.
  • Line Trade is designed for placing virtual orders. When opening orders, similar to the Trade panel, you can accurately calculate the lot and SL/TP levels according to the specified risk using the tools of the panel.
  • Trailing - panel for configuring trailing stops:
    1. by fractals - SL is moved based on the tops of fractals on the specified timeframe. The fractal size in candles and the offset from a fractal to SL are specified in the settings.
    2. by candle wicks - SL is moved based on the lowest Low (for buy) or the highest High (for sell) from the specified number of candles on the specified timeframe. In the settings, specify the number of candles to search for High and Low, and the value of SL offset from the candle
    3. standard - SL is trailing similar to the terminal's standard trailing stop function, and here you can set the trailing step and start level.
  • Breakeven - panel for configuring the SL transfer to breakeven.
  • Partial close - panel for configuring the automatic partial closure, up to four levels for partial closure of orders can be set.
  • Alert - panel for configuring the time and price notification settings.
  • Spread - spread information panel.
  • Screenshot - the utility provides the ability to take screenshots by pressing a button and automatic screenshots when opening and closing positions.

Main parameters (full list)

  • Mode lot - lot calculation method:
    • Fixed Lot - basic lot size
    • % SL - lot is calculated so that if the order is closed by stop loss, the loss will be equal to the specified percentage of the balance
    • % Equity - lot is set as percentage of equity
  • Comment - comment to orders if Comment in the panel is disabled
  • Comment in the panel - edit the comment in the panel
  • Magic number - magic number of the utility; if Magic=0, the utility will manage all orders and positions regardless of Magic
  • Market - Market executions mode; when enabled, the utility opens positions without stop loss and take profit, and if the position is opened successfully, modifies it by setting the required stop loss and take profit
  • Create symbol folder - create a subfolder in the Files directory with the symbol name to store the screenshots
  • Create timeframe folder - create a subfolder in the Files directory with the timeframe name to store the screenshots
  • Sound buttons, success, error - sound for button presses, successful events and error; two built-in are available, a custom audio file can also be set
  • File name (user) - custom audio file to use when Sound buttons, success, error = user; enter the name of the audio file located in the Sounds folder
  • File name sound alert - notification sound, enter the name of the audio file located in the Sounds folder

Attention: this demo version works only on CADCHF. You can purchase the full version here

Panel for MetaTrader 5.

Detailed manual and description of the Trade panel for MT4 parameters (in Russian)

2017.09.20 05:33 

Давно искал такую панель, жаль что только на USDCAD работает

2017.07.20 08:30 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.7 - 2018.02.16
Fixed error
Version 1.6 - 2018.02.15
Updated the interface, optimized the code, added screenshots
Version 1.5 - 2018.01.26
Optimized operation of trailing stop.
Version 1.4 - 2018.01.16
1. Improved the adjustment of trade levels in the "Open" panel by entering the price
2. Improved the methods for calculating the profit and lot. Starting from this update, the panel calculates profit and lot regardless of the calculation mode specified for the symbol (Forex, CFD, Futures)
Version 1.3 - 2017.12.25
1) Improved panel appearance
2) Added spread panel
3) Added panel for trading using trendlines (virtual pending orders)
4) Added trailing stop panel (trailing by fractals, candles, standard)
5) Added panel for the breakeven function
6) Added Partial Closing panel
7) Added Alert panel
8) All inputs are available on the chart
Version 1.2 - 2017.11.01
1) added parameter for entering custom order comments
2) added the ability to select the initial positions of the stop loss relative to the 1st candle
Version 1.1 - 2017.09.06
Improved the interface, added the ability to change the SL and RR % directly on the panel