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Free ID Values of trendlines and bars

This product defines and displays the values of the necessary trend lines in Data Window and its own table on the chart. If necessary, the same marks can be displayed in the table. These marks are enlarged or scaled-down by indents set in points.

The indicator allows you to use Data Window to quickly view the values of the necessary trend lines along their entire length anywhere on the chart where bars or candles are present.

In its own table, the product displays only two marks of the specified trend lines corresponding by default to the zero and first bars (candles) on the chart and, additionally, to High and Low values of the first three bars (regardless of the trend lines).

However, the indicator properties allow you to configure the display of the older lines and/or bars in the table. Besides, it is possible to disable trend lines or bar marks if necessary.

"Free ID Values of trendlines and bars" is a fully-fledged analogue of "ID Values of trendlines and bars" analyzer for МetaТrader 4 distributed for a fee. This free version allows you to examine the analyzer's working features in actual practice. The product contains all additions described in "What's new" tab of its paid version.

Both indicators are easy to use. Their properties allow you to configure the display of marks in various ways.


There are two ways to let the indicator know what lines and table columns it should use to display the data:

  1. Copy the full name of the necessary trend line on the chart in that line's properties (or remember it) and set it in the analyzer's properties.
  2. Replace the names of the necessary trend lines in their properties with u1 (from Up) and/or d1 (from Down).

After the analyzer detects the lines named u1 and/or d1, it starts displaying their values automatically.

If the second method is used, the trend line's name should not be set in the indicator properties.

Differences from the Paid Version

  • Data on two lines is displayed simultaneously (while it can be up to six in the paid version).
  • The analyzer works only on H1 and lower.
  • Alerts only for indents from bars/candles.
  • Graphic panel with mini guide and a button for automatic creation of trend lines named as "u1" and/or "d1".
  • If the terminal language is Russian, most of the text of the indicator is displayed in Russian. Otherwise - in English.

Notes (both for paid and free versions)

  1. The default indicator colors are intended for a light background. You can easily change them in the analyzer settings.
  2. If a trend line's ray is directed to the left (in that <= direction), the marks outside of that line's reference points are not displayed by the indicator.
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2015.02.01 10:45 

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2014.05.12 13:02 

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Version 1.18 - 2014.08.14
Added the same properties as in the updated paid version (#1.25 as of 2014.08.05). You can find more information in the description and "What's new" tab of the paid version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/1615

Differences from the paid version:

1. As before, the free version works only on the charts below or equal to H1 showing the values of only two trend lines simultaneously.

2. Alert signals works only for positive or negative bar/candle indents if they are set in "Indent from High of bars" and/or "Indent from Low of bars" indicator properties.

3. Unlike the paid version, the free one has the panel with the following buttons:
- automatic creation of "u1" and "d1" trend lines (if the chart does not have trend lines with such names already);
- guide on methods and names allowing the indicator to see trend lines on the chart and start displaying the values based on them.

To hide the button of the panel, select "false" in "Buttons to create trend lines and help" indicator property.

4. If Russian is selected as the terminal's language, the most indicator texts are displayed in Russian. If the terminal's language is not Russian, the indicator texts are displayed in English.

5. For better understanding of the analyzer's properties, positive and negative indents of 10 points are automatically placed in the free version. If necessary, they can be increased, decreased or equaled to 0 in the indicator properties.